September 05, 2016

The 411: August

I'm so glad I'm finally able to keep up with something! I really enjoy this link up because it gives me a chance to look back on the month and really pick out the highlights, even if they weren't a "major" happening.

HA!  I had to leave that in there. Obviously this post isn't on time since this link up took place last Thursday. Some day I'll get my blogging act together. Until then, let's discuss August!

+ I spent way too much on stickers at the beginning of the month. But they're pretty and I regret nothing!

+ I celebrated my BWBs 29th birthday. I sent her these in celebration. 

+ That same week I gave my notice at the studio. Getting home after 11 pm after being up at 5 am? Going from one desk straight to another? I just couldn't do it. Not to mention, I know me. Not even free yoga is not going to get me to stay in the city after work.

+ The following weekend I went on my shopping trip. Still happy about all I bought. The only regret I'm feeling is from buying a small Longchamp bag... for my lunch. I had a sale high and my judgment was impaired. Now I'm trying to rehome it. Any takers? 

+ On the last day of the month my alarm went off and for some reason I didn't immediately hit snooze. To my listening happiness I have now discovered Sam Hunt (love!) and Chase Rice (hot!)

And then all of a sudden it was September. 


  1. I love Sam Hunt and Chase Rice too.
    I do like my Longchamps. I wish they had more pockets in them.

  2. girl, don't even get me started on the stickers....this planner thing is totally out of control. i have 3 sticker shipments on its way :/

  3. 5 am to 11 pm is an insanely long day! I don't blame you! I totally forgot that today was Monday, even though I just finished typing up my weekend recap post... until you said you just found Sam Hunt & Chase Rice. Thanks for reminding me! I immediately went to my Spotify to see what was on my discover weekly playlist.

  4. Whats up with the longchamp? How much you looking for it?

  5. You're not able to return the baby Longchamp? I wish I had any reason to take it off your hands, but I have even less use for it than you do, hah.

  6. What's a BWB? An I hear you on those long days- I used to moonlight at a call center and wouldn't get home until almost midnight and it was the WORST. You can only take so much!Good luck re-homing that bag!

  7. oh man, i was on holiday and am just catching up now, but thanks for joining in!
    i love free yoga but what a long day! no thanks. hope you got rid of the bag - i hate buyers remorse lol