October 03, 2016

For the Love of Planning - Pens

Welcome back! In case you missed part one, we talked about the different types of planners available and the layouts you can choose from. If you've decided on that part, now it's time to figure out which pens are best for you!

Of course you can use regular ballpoint pens - but where's the fun in that?! As a true hoarder of writing utensils, I have a wide variety that I keep on hand. Here are the options I personally use. Keep in mind there are always other alternatives.


this is tricky because some write better than others. My personal favorites are by BIC. I use both the BIC Cristal and BIC Round Stic ballpoint pens. 


This is by far my favorite pen media to use. There's just something about the smoothness of a gel pen that I love. My personal favorites are the Pilot G2 in bold point, the Paper Mate InkJoy gel pens, and  the Staples Sonix


For me, it's Staedtler all the way. They come in a great range of true colors, a fun case, and they last. 


When someone says Felt-tip I immediately think of Paper Mate Flair pens. I use these pens for everything. From writing notes, planning, writing cards, etc. They're super versatile and they tend not to bleed through paper.
I'm also going to list the Sharpie Pen here because none of the listings are specific and only list it as fine point. These are another go to for how smooth they write on any and every surface.

That's it for today! Check back next week for Part 3. Do you have a favorite type or brand of pen? 


  1. Ahhhh... <3 I just bought my goddaughter gel pens as part of her birthday present (it was organizer type stuff for her desk but I wanted some of it to be fun) and she liked them so much she wouldn't share them with her friends when we were rooting around for craft supplies. :P I like thicker pens because I feel like crappy handwriting looks even worse with skinny lines. Ha! And I'm always tempted to buy more because they're so appealing when they're packaged in rainbow color.

  2. I love the Flair pens. I prefer the dark colored ones (black, green, navy, etc). I also like the Acroball by Pilot. I think it's a ballpoint. I have half a dozen floating around. Pens without caps (clicky ones) are the most convenient for me, but I did have one leak in a purse once, so pluses and minuses.

  3. Sakura Micron Pens are incredible and I LOVE the Staedtlers as well! those are the only two i use on my planner paper; I use sharpie fine point to write on stickers.

  4. Good pens make all the difference, truly! I've always used the staedtlers when it comes to planning, but with the new simplified planner I got, I'm trying the InkJoys, an 8 color set. I'm excited! I've been using them to track ideas in a maybook, and they're working really well so far.

  5. BIG ballpoint pens are my favorite. To the point where I get overprotective about them even though they aren't even that expensive.

  6. I always loved Bic pens but I just had to throw out 90% of a package of Round Stic pens because NONE of them wrote. I'd get like 2 letters out of them and have to stab and scratch around on my paper trying to get some ink. I switched to Bic Atlantic click pens and am loving them -- really smooth and they never jam up on me.
    I love the way gel and felt tip pens write but I never think to buy them because my brain always associates them with bleeding. They are pretty though and would be great for cards and stuff. Obviously I don't need them for a planner but hmm... would be good to have around...

  7. my favourite pens for my planner - and in general - are the pilot frixion erasable pens. i make mistakes a lot, and i hate white out.. i'm the kind of person who will rip out a notebook page if i make a mistake, and since i can't do that in the planner, these erasable pens are my absolute faves!

  8. I adore the Flair pens, I love that they are bright and thin enough to write with on regular lined paper. I bought four of the Staedtlers and at first I loved them but then I discovered that the shape of them gives me major hand cramps if I write for any length of time, I'm assuming it has something to do with my grip because nobody else seems to have that problem. I love the Sharpie ultra fine markers, they are perfect for writing on stickers and photos!