October 10, 2016

For the Love of Planning - Stickers

In Part 1 we talked about different styles. Part 2 touched on different pens. Today we're going to discuss the decoration aspect. And if you think the sticker obsession is new, think again. This is my folder from freshman year. I graduated with this thing still in use.

You are only limited by your own ideas (and wallet) when it comes to how you decorate your planner. You can order stickers from Etsy, or buy them from Michaels, Hobby Lobby, or another craft store. You can even buy them from Walmart or the dollar store if you're so inclined. There is a sticker for everything and everything can be made into a sticker.

Here are a few of the collections I've purchased and may or may not be hoarding.

Top Left c/o: PinkBowTies2014 
Top Right/Bottom Left c/o: JamisonReid Designs
Bottom Right c/o: PaperieEverAfter

This is the part where you're probably thinking stickers are great... but how do I use them? Well, some amazing planner girls allowed me to use their images to give you a look at what you can do with your stickers. These layouts are all gorgeous!

This is an ECLP-V from beccalynn_plans

This is a WO2P Kikki-K by planner_rx:

A WO2P layout in the ECLP-H by yours truly. I loved this pineapple layout!

And finally, a Happy Planner layout from tuuliplans:

There are hundreds of thousands of stickers to chose from created by hundreds of shops. I'm a HUGE pan of JamisonReid Designs and Paperie Ever After, as well as Sweet Kawaii Design.

Do you have a favorite sticker shop? One I should know about? Let's hear it! 


  1. I love Sweet Kawaii, Happy Cutie Studio and of course, my friend's Paper Plus Cloth (for washi tape).

  2. OMG, that folder! This totally makes sense now. And I feel more justified in not "getting" the sticker craze. I was never about that, even in my most paper planner-obsessed days. I guess I've always preferred bare covers and clean pages.

  3. WHYY is this Jamison Reid one on break?! Gah! I never got into the sticker craze, but I think I'm starting to. I don't like the big boxes or motivational sayings, but the small icon ones are so cute, and I think I would really use the "functional" ones. What's a WO2 Planner?

  4. Stickers are my love language. I made my first Etsy sticker order last week and am eagerly awaiting their arrival! (And the arrival of 2017 so I really use my Happy Planner!)