October 21, 2016

Keep the Faith

There are so many times in life where we think ‘if I had only know this then’. Although I occasionally find myself saying this it also makes me wonder, ‘what if I did know…’ Would it really have changed my decision? 

Still, there are other things that I hope I never lose sight of. Not only certain moments, put people, conversations, and events as well. 

  • I am stronger than I ever give myself credit for
  • My small circle of close friends are the best support system I could have ever asked for. Or that some "new" friends are on that same level. 
  • My way home.
  • Where I've come from and where I've been
  • Patience is a virtue
  • I am fully, 100%, irrevocably supported by the Universe in everything I do
  • I am loved. And not just by my mom
  • I am my only limit
  • Change is a beautiful thing
  • Everyone started at the beginning. 

But most importantly, I don't ever want to forget to tell myself


  1. "I am my own limit" <--- YESSSSSS! this is so true and i wish everyone knew this!

  2. I can't even select one as my favorite because they ALL are my favorite. Yes, yes, yes to ALL of them! Lately, I need to keep reminding myself that everyone started at the beginning. To not compare myself to people who are the middle or end of the journey I just started. To enjoy the journey, rather than fear it. The one I struggle with but wholeheartedly agree with you is "I am my own limit". Often times I try to cast blame elsewhere where it me and my acceptance of limitations that I created that holds me back. Time to let that go!

  3. I can't cosign this enough. I hope you never forget these things too, and I hope I can fully learn and then never forget them for myself as well.

  4. "Everyone started at the beginning" is a solid piece of wisdom!

  5. Yes to all of the above! I love this so much!

  6. Yes, yes, yes!! I need to put some of these on a piece of paper and keep them where I can see them everyday! Stopping by from Alyssa's challenge & looking forward to coming back to read more :) xo