October 12, 2016

Songs For Life

I'm a firm believer that music makes the world go 'round. It's one of the absolute best things in the world. I have so many 'favorites' it's a wonder how I remember all of the lyrics. These 10 though, they're some of my go to tracks.

This Fire - Killswitch Engage

I've talked about this song before but it's truly my life's mantra. The lyrics "Even through the darkest days, this fire burns always" are tattooed on my back. When I first heard it back in 2007 my life was in a sort of tailspin and the words resonated deeply and they've been part of me - literally - ever since. 

Drunken Soldier - Dave Matthews Band

This song immediately struck a chord with me. "Make the most of what you've got, don't waste time trying to be something you're not, Fill up your head and fill up your heart and take your shot, Don't waste time trying to be something you're not". I think too often people are so busy trying to conform to what society or other people think they should do they wind up having no idea who they are or what they want. 

Love Shack - B-52s

This song is just so high energy that I immediately start "moving and grooving" and it puts me in a good mood. 

Footloose - Kenny Loggins (and really, the whole soundtrack)

This is another get up and move song. I want to meet the person who can hear this and not tap their foot, sing along, or get up and dance. On second thought... no I don't. They're probably the most un-fun person on the planet.

I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) - Whitney Houston

Again with the dance party songs. If you're sensing a trend, you're right. I'm an 80s baby and dance parties are my jam. 

Dangerous Woman - Ariana Grande

I don't consider myself a dangerous woman by legal standards but yes, I am a dangerous woman. Why? Because I'm confident and secure in who I am. Because I know what I want and don't allow other to sway me. Because I have goals and aspirations and won't be led astray. Because I know who I am and I love myself. 

Church - Gary Clark, Jr.

You guys, this song is life. I listen to it just about every other day. It just.... moves me. 

Same Love - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

No explanation is needed. However, if you do need one, see yourself to that little x in the top corner. 

Shake It Out - Florence + The Machine

First of all, her voice is haunting, uplifting, and powerful A.F. Secondly, this song is WAY better than Shake It Off. Sorry not sorry TSwift. #KanyeMoment  My favorite line is "and it's hard to dance with a devil on your back, so shake him off"

Try - Colbie Caillat

This song needs to be played in nurseries everywhere. Sure, it's geared towards girls but the lesson applies no matter what. 

It always amazes me how there's a song for every moment, every feeling. That someone else put the right string of words together to perfectly convey a feeling you're having. It's powerful stuff. And the video? Oh man. I had to hold back the tears. 

What are your "life songs"? 


  1. B52/loveshack! i remember that song played non-stop when I was in high school.

  2. Totally agree with the last 3. I thought the Church one was Hozier at first, and was happily surprised that it wasn't (so tired of that song!). Love Shack and I Wanna Dance with Somebody are such classics. I need to check out the first two. Great choices!

  3. Okay so I totally didn't know you had those lyrics tattooed on you. Sweet!
    I loooooove Drunken Soldier too! The opening guitar piece gets me every time.
    Love Shacks is my go-to wedding/party dance floor song. I actually one time stopped mid-conversation when I heard this song on and ran onto the dance floor.
    Oh man, the next two too! Wedding dance floor and in the mirror, getting ready memories abound.
    I'd digging Dangerous Woman these days too! I actually have it on a playlist for yoga. Maybe that's the one I'll use this week! :)
    Same Love gives me so many feels, every time.
    OMG. Shake it Out. Her voice is like church in this song, to me.
    Okay clearly I love this list and everything on it and am 100% in agreement with you that there is a song for everything. I finally talked David into nailing down "our song" this weekend, haha. At this point I couldn't go on any longer without having a song for us!
    Thanks for joining in :)

  4. I love Try and Shake it Out!!! Florence + The Machine in general is just good music! So cool that you have those song lyrics on your back!

  5. Love Shack is so freaking awesome to dance and sing to!

  6. I'm working on a post for this prompt too...and I talk about lyrics that are tattooed on me! Love it.

  7. I love that Love Shack made your list, you're totally right, it's such a happy, dancey, fun song! I'm working on finishing this prompt and I was trying to narrow it down to just three but it's so hard there are so many songs that I associate with specific people or places!

  8. seriously though, if i ever met a person who didn't want to dance to footloose or at least tap their feet, i would walk away because i don't need that kind of negativity in my life.
    whenever i'm feeling particularly blah or hateful towards myself, i listen to Try. when i want a good cry, i watch the video. seriously. such a beautiful song.

  9. Ahh Footloose! Thinking about it is making me want to bob my head along with the tune right now. Lol. And Same Love most definitely!