October 14, 2016

Viva la México

This time a month ago my BWB and I had hopped on a plane and fled the country for the week. Destination? Cancún, México.

First of all, I'm really digging my life plan to earn a new stamp every year. I'm going to do my best to keep this going. As for this vacay, so many new experiences!

For one, this was my first "girl's trip" and I had a great time. She's a good travel buddy, especially since our goals were the same. We went to breakfast every morning and then either lazed in the ocean or at the swim up bar soaking in the sun. I could do this daily and never tire of it, at least for a month or two.

On Tuesday we went parasailing. I wasn't nervous at all because the way I saw it worse case scenario, I was going to fall out of my harness and some 200 feet into the gorgeous turquoise water below me. I've seen The Guardian, it's all about the pencil dive. Towards the end the harness starts to hurt since you can't really move around any up there. Still, it was amazing floating so high above the water.

On Wednesday I did something I all but swore I'd never do. Not because I'm above it, I just didn't feel the need. However, the opportunity presented itself, so... I went to a foam party! Before I left One of the attorneys asked if I was going to one and the idea was stuck in my head. It was at Señor Frogs and the fee included the party, dinner, and open bar so it was pretty good to me.

The following day we took a scuba lesson in the pool followed by a quick lunch and then we were back on the bus and headed to Aquaworld for our open water dive. I can't even explain the excitement I felt. We took the boat out through the lagoon passing through a mangrove forest (which I thought was pretty awesome) and out into the open water off the coast of Isla Mujeres.

Having full scuba gear on while in a pool is one thing. Having it on in open water is completely different. I felt completely at ease though because our instructor from the lesson was very clear, calm,  and made sure we were ready to go. Once in the ocean, you quickly realize the waves aren't going to wait for you. We all descended one at a time making sure to equalize (pop your ears) every few feet.

Once my group was submerged we were off and swimming 35 feet below the surface. At one point I actually laid on the ocean floor. To me, this was pretty cool. Their were schools of fish and huge coral reefs. I saw a lion fish, puffer fish, barracuda, and others. I was praying to see a shark but it wasn't in the cards. I can 100% say I'm obsessed with scuba diving. As soon as I got home I spent that night looking up any information I could find about courses for getting open water certified. It was so amazing.

Thursday was also Mexican Independence Day and to my chagrin, I had no idea who they celebrated fought to gain their independence (Spain). The whole day was a giant fiesta with tequila shots first thing in the morning (and all day), to the staff wearing traditional ensembles, to a mariachi band performing Canta y no Llores. I've heard the chorus before and I like it but I never knew what it was called, so of course I googled.

That evening we were treated to a traditional Mayan dance on the beach, overlooking the ocean with the full moon lighting the sky. It was incredible to watch.

It was an awesome end of summer trip and I'd absolutely go back. All the BS people talk about Mexico, including building a wall around it, is so ridiculous. Everyone is super friendly, the water IS drinkable (as long as your in the resorts), and it's very pretty. Even taking public transportation was a breeze. NYC could learn a thing or two...  Point is, I can't wait to go back!


  1. that sounds like an awesome trip! wasn't scuba diving incredible?! i went diving in Jamaica and wow, it was so amazing.

  2. That trip sounds so amazing & surreal.

  3. Parasailing is so fun! I did it a million years ago in the DR but I would love to do it again. Might just plan my next vacation around that one activity, hah.

    I've never been to a foam party. Never thought much about it... is it a big thing there or something? I would never think to ask someone about that before they travel to Cancun.

    Loooove your scuba pictures! And everything else, honestly. I was having serious envy while you instagrammed and snapped this trip, and I'm having it now too. Glad you had such a great time and collected so many awesome experiences.

  4. i would love to go parasailing.. one day! good to know about the pencil dive lol. i've never heard of a foam party, it looks fun! i'd love to go to mexico one day, so i'm glad you had such a good time. good luck with the new stamps every year!