November 21, 2016


What a weekend!!!

I'm not one to recap my weekend because, ugh, but this weekend was fabulous. 

For starters, I met a girlfriend for dinner Friday night at The Cheesecake Factory. It had been quite some time since I was last there (for brunch) and I remember being disappointed. This time was redeeming because dinner was delicious!

Saturday my planner bestie and I went to our first ever planner event. The NYC Planner Addicts and Sugary Gal Shop hosted a planner meetup in Brooklyn with special guest Amanda Zampelli from MAMBI. My phone died halfway through but here's a look at the photos I did manage to get.

Photo with my favorite sticker shop ever: Jamison Reid Designs

Table 5's Planner Stack!

Swag bag contents!

It was such an awesome event and I can't wait to go to the holiday dinner next month. The only downfall is that all the events always take place in the city, but it's a good time and I don't mind making the drive every now and then.

After getting home I played with my planners and then about an hour later, passed out. It was a very long, very fun day.

Sunday I had plans to look at a few apartments. I have been very mum on this but for those of you that know me IRL (or care) K and I split up back in May. We've been doing the civil cohabitation thing since then (we have the luxury of separate living/sleeping space) but it's time to move forward.

The first apartment I went to was in the same complex I saw in the early summer and although it wasn't bad, I didn't love it. Fortunately (unfortunately?) I wasn't able to get into contact with the super to view this unit so I moved on the the second place.

I was kind of worried that I'd fall in love with this place. Mainly because it was showing my commute would increase by 30 minutes. I was right, I loved the model. Parking, cats would be okay, they'd waive the pet deposit, the neighborhood was pretty... the only downfall is that it's far from everything I know. None of my friends live in the area and I'd basically have to find all knew everything - nail salon, dry cleaner, bars, etc. Plus, it's more than my price limit. It would be doable, but it's more than I want to spend on rent. There is a unit that's in my desired budget that is available mid-February (which works perfectly) but I'd need to get my deposit in relatively soon if I'm going to make that choice.

I have a few units I'm seeing tonight, one of which I'm super excited about seeing. Truth be told, I'm hoping I love this one because it's close to where I am currently, it has parking, extra space, the cats would be good, and there's a backyard that I have full access to. Fingers crossed for me!

It's been a busy few days but things are soo good. Now to count down until Wednesday when I head home to stuff my face!


  1. I love that you're going to planner events! I like the idea of conferences and conventions, but other than blogging, there haven't been too many that really caught my eye or made go, "OOH, yes!" Maybe I should google self help or home organization groups. :P

    Good luck finding a new place!

  2. That swag bag is incredible! I'm hoping to go to the Michael's planner meet up in January they usually have on every couple of months but the last one was in November and it felt weird to go when I haven't actually started using my planner yet. Good luck with the apartment search!

  3. 1) OMG that swag; I DIE!
    2) good luck on the apartment hunt. I thought that maybe you guys weren't together anymore since you stopped mentioning him but looks like you guys are getting along amicably which is important and it's good that you guys are respecting your living space/current situation.

  4. WHAAAT? Planner events? That's awesome! We have NOTHING like that here. What a cool thing to attend! Good luck with apartment hunting!

  5. Holy swag bag!! What an awesome event, that would be SO much fun.

  6. That planner event looked fun! Sorry to hear about you and K. Good luck apartment hunting!

  7. A backyard would be so awesome! Hope the place you're seeing tonight is what you want it to be. What town is the second one in?