November 07, 2016

The 411: October

October was a complete and utter whirlwind. There was something going on every single weekend. Let's get to it!

At the very beginning of the month I went home for the annual Halloween party. We did it super early this year because the past few have been so cold that we couldn't do any of the outside games.  

Mom went as a crazy cat lady and won 2nd place. K went as an identity thief. I went as a queen (not much of a costume...) and won sexiest.

The following weekend I was home again for a benefit for my dad. I didn't talk about this here but it should probably be said... In August my dad passed away from cancer. The benefit this weekend was put on by the MC he was a prospect in. He was fully patched in the day he died and is now a member of Chapter 31, for fallen members. There aren't enough words for how amazing both the Punishers and Guardian Belles have been. There were a little over 300 people in attendance and it was such a great day. 

Bath & Body Works finally got to me. They were having a BOGO candle sale and I ran it by Alyssa who reminded me I was on a no-spend but then gave me the green light when I told her I didn't have any fall/winter candles (which was true). I ended up with the edible Pumpkin Pecan Waffles, Black Cherry Merlot, Warm Apple Pie, and Powdered Cinnamon Doughnut. You guys, this doughnut candle is insane. I feel like I'm eating one every time I smell it. I also picked up a new hand soap since I had just ran out - Coconut Pumpkin Latte. Holy hell it's delicious. 

This technically happened in mid-September, but... Mom got a cat. See, she rescued a cat from a shitty family. Sadly, she was kind of traumatized from relocating so she was very slowly making her way to the edge of the dining room but would run and hide if you looked at her. The same weekend I was home for the Halloween party she jumped out the screen door. This cat is all black, her name is Midnight, and she's terrified. We were all very saddened at the loss of our friend.

Fast forward a weekend and mom has a new cat. A gray ball of fluff who is a cuddle bug of epic proportions.

On the plus side, it's like she has 2 cats now because Midnight has been spotted several times and my mom leaves food out for her. We're slowly moving the food closer to the house in the hopes of catching her.

The next weekend Alyssa, David, and I met up to go to Warwick Winery. I've mentioned this winery a time or two because it's an absolute favorite of mine. The food, wine, and atmosphere are all amazing. 

Of course by now the month is almost over, yet the events just keep coming. The 22nd I drove to Philly with a friend to attend the Abraham Hicks workshop. 

And because the month wouldn't be complete without a second Halloween party, I went to BWBs house for a party. 

In short, October was awesome!


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your father. But what a wonderful tribute from his MC. I love that your Mom was a crazy cat lady and that she has adopted 2 (sort of) cats. Hopefully, Midnight will start to feel braver and safer and return home. And all those candles are making me hungry! LOL!

  2. Crazy busy October. I feel like our Warwick trip was years ago, honestly. I think probably because David and I went to Baltimore the week after (I think) or because the next couple of weeks are already crazy booked up. I'm glad you had such a good time at all the parties and that the benefit was such a success! (I'm not even commenting on the candles because I don't have any of those scents and I promised somebody I was done buying candles for the season...but omg they sound amazing.) Here's hoping Midnight comes closer to her new home soon and that the other little fluff ball accommodates well too!

  3. i am so sorry about your father, but what a wonderful tribute.
    i love that your mom went as a crazy cat lady, she looks great. poor midnight :( good to know she has been spotted. i hope she comes back. the new kitty is adorable!
    i really need new candles. i think when i started my shopping ban, a week later i wanted candles and alyssa said no (hilarious that she is the one to reel us both in) but i didn't tell her i had none.. i have survived but i really still want some! maybe next sale.

  4. I am so sorry about your dad. What a great way to honor him.

    You rocked that queen costume! I love your mom & K's costumes too...hilarious.

  5. Love the costumes!
    My thoughts go out to your for your loss. It is so nice to see your family is surrounded by such a strong support network.
    That little kitty is too cute!!