December 08, 2016

Catching Up

Lately I feel as though the only writing I do in this space is to play catch up. My winter laziness has set in hardcore and I have no desire to do anything once I get home from work. You guys, winter is rough. 

After several back and forth messages with AlyssaJenn, and Dani it became very clear to me that I'm in a funk. And not just a blogging one. Things that used to make me happy - the gym, yoga, meditating, planning... it's all feels like a chore at this point. 

And the irony of it all is that life is going amazingly well right now. I have a job I truly enjoy. I will be moving into a new apartment in a few weeks that makes me super excited and happy. I'm dating a guy I really like who makes me smile. I've visited friends I haven't seen in years and had amazing weekends with them. Life. Is. Good. 

Alyssa's post this week about a simpler 2016 really got me thinking. And the only logical conclusion I kept coming to is I'm burnt out. The constant vibrating from social media notifications. The non-stop stream of info. The never-ending to-do lists.... I it's time to scale it back. 

Here's what I've been up to lately: 

Deleting| I deleted the Facebook app from my phone on Tuesday. I only opened it once through the browser after that. I also deleted a bunch of apps from my phone. Games I never play, games I keep for my niece, shopping apps that I never use (looking at you Cartwheel). I tossed all but 5 magazines that I've been hoarding. I intended to read/skim them all, except I never do and they just sit there. Fashion advice from August is pretty useless. I also tossed numerous bottles of nail polish. I only get gel manicures and there's no reason for me to keep them.

Donating| Since I'm in the midst of packing my stuff I've been trying to purge here as it always makes me feel good. Making physical space also creates mental and emotional space. 

Listening| I've actually been listening to a lot of country lately. Actually, I've been listening to a lot of everything. Anything feel good, mellow, and just good vibe. And then I had a Slipknot day. it's all about balance. 

Watching| Sons of Anarchy. I used to watch this when it was on but quit mid-series. A friend gt me back in and I've been watching like an addict every day.

Reading| I think I burned myself out reading. I have no desire to pick up or even listen to a book right now. Perhaps it's all the Netflix binging... I'll start reading eventually. 

Seeing| A guy. And I like it.

Concerned| I scheduled an appointment with a nutritionist for January. At the beginning of November my doctor informed me that my A1c levels were higher than normal. For us lay people, it means my blood sugar was higher than it should be... to the point where I'm considered pre-diabetic. I'm only 3 points over but with a history of diabetes on my mother's side, being slightly overweight, and my insatiable love for carbs, it's not something I'm willing to sleep on. 


  1. blech, social media is good yet bad! i only use it to check things when i'm waiting in line but other than that, i dont go on it because too.much.information!

    re: pre-diabeties -- can be reversed via clean diet and regular exercise! friends have completely destroyed their diagnosis by make lifestyle changes, without medication! you can totally do this.

    SOA - OMG yes. i LOVE that show. and Jax because Jax.

  2. I login onto FB through the browser, but I deleted the app a long time ago because I didn't like how easy it was for me to hit one button. Now I typically stop and think before I type in the address. Sometimes I limited myself to ONLY use FB from a computer and not my phone. Those are relaxing weeks :)
    Your music choices sound like me. Lately it's been Xmas music, but sometimes I like feel good, laid back country and sometimes I put on the emo tunes that kept me company through my teen years. It's a hodgepodge most of the time :)

  3. Someday I need to binge SOA. I dont't even remember what season I jumped in at but I've never seen the beginning. I always listen to a lot of country but my choices have been a lot more mellow lately too. I just need something I can relax to.

  4. I'm glad my post and our chat could help you gain some perspective and make some changes that seem to already be having the intended effect. Hooray! Burnout happens in all facets of life, even the good ones that we love. Remember what I said about breaking the cycle consciously, rather than waiting for the feedback loop to interrupt itself—that almost never happens without a little push. You got this. In the meantime, be choosy and intentional in your choices about where you spend your time and energy. Hope to see you on the mat soon :)

  5. I go through phases where I shut down social media and ya know what it is the best thing sometimes. Sometimes people are such negative Nancys its annoying. Yay for a new boy! Good luck with it! Country music is where its at!

  6. I deleted the FB app a while back (my phone kept freezing and I had suspicions it was because of the app--they were right!) and holy crap is it nice. I still check from time to time, but not nearly as often. It's so freeing. And I've been unfollowing accounts on Instagram that make me want things or feel inadequate or that I just don't care to see clogging up my feed.

    Hopefully your appointment in January goes well!!!

  7. seriously i thought i was the only person who didn't use Cartwheel. but yeah, such a freeing feeling to delete all that crap.
    i am feeling blah and in a funk lately as well. not just blogging, but life. i am hoping it's just the weather and life being busy or whatever and the new year will be the reset i need. i hope.

  8. I am so with you! I deactivated my facebook last week and I feel SO much better without it. It was really freeing!!

  9. Sooooo I'm super late but "seeing a guy"? As in a new guy? :)

    I'm also planning an end of year purge, going through my phone and deleting apps, cleaning out our apartment and finding things to donate.

    My girlfriend found out she was pre-diabetic last year and was able to overcome and change her status through a complete lifestyle change via diet and fitness so it's definitely not too late to change your current status. You got this Michael!