December 28, 2016


I quit.

Ok, that's a little dramatic. Here's the thing - this was THE most stressful move I have ever had. My packing was on point but everything after that was a major pain in the ass.

First of all, December started off pretty mild. The week I'm set to start moving it decided to drop into the low 20s. The actual day I was going to move the bulk of my stuff - random snow storm. Mind you, this didn't deter me. It just kept me to one trip instead of multiples. Every night after I got home I loaded my car to the brim and took as much stuff over as possible. Moving in 20 degree weather, in the dark is. not. fun. 

From there on it was just a hassle. Not one person offered to help me in any capacity {for the record, to my IRL blog friends - this is NOT geared towards you in any way}. The only exception was my friend S and her husband who helped me paint the living room one night. So grateful for that because I never would have finished it on my own.

The bedroom still needed painting and there were still about 3 car loads worth of stuff to move. 

Then I needed to figure out how I was going to move the big stuff - bed, couch, dressers... This was probably the most stressful part. I was initially going to hire someone from a Craigslist ad. Quick, cheap labor, right? Then I second guessed it and decided to try Thumbtack to see if I could find a reputable company... just in case anything happened. Some of the quotes were pricey {$105/hr with a minimum of 3 hours and 1 hour of travel} so I decided to say F it and go with the Craigslist people. Then they told me they're cash only {of course they are} and I didn't feel good about that so I went back to Thumbtack and secured a company 24 hours before I wanted to move.

I was given a "9-11" window the day they were set to come and then at 10:24 get a text saying they were running late due to a truck issue and would be there at 11-12 at the latest. They showed up at 11:45. I'm sure you can imagine my rage.

Rant over. In any event, I'm fully moved in now. I was worried my dressers wouldn't fit and the movers carried them in like a breeze. Ironically, it was my couch that was a tight fit. A couple inches bigger and it wouldn't have made it.

At the current rate I'm going I anticipate living out of boxes for the next 6 months because at this point, I have no interest in putting anything away. Energy level: zero

Although, at some point I expect my Type A tendencies to take over and to be up until the wee hours one Friday night getting it all done. Balance? 


  1. I have no doubt that you're going to go all Type A on the piles in a matter of days. Next week's blog post - 'JK I'M ALL UNPACKED.' Moving is the worst, I don't know why I did it so many times, what was I thinking. At least 2 moves were to different apartments within the same building but still. It's a huge pain in the butt. At least you're IN, that is huge.

  2. you've crossed off that first and biggest thing -- you're in.

    now comes the fun part once you've rested a bit - organizing how YOU WANT. take a breather, drink some wine and tackle it tomorrow and the upcoming weekend!

  3. ugh moving is the worst! i am the kind of person who will leave things in boxes for like a week, and KC is all like lets put everything away now! except he doesn't know where i want things so it creates more of a mess. it's so stressful.
    i hope you get to reset first, and then slowly tackle everything (or all at once, whatever works lol)

  4. Sorry your move was so stressful! Hopefully you will get settled in soon!

  5. Moving really is the worst. I need to figure out what I'm going to do when I move in Feb. I'm sorry that your move didn't go so well.

  6. Ugh!!

    Reading the third paragraph I was about to say OMG didn't I offer to help? I thought I did! I am so sorry if I didn't! Whew. I am sorry I didn't insist though—moving alone is HARD. I moved alone except for the big furniture when I moved into my current place, doing the same thing as you--little trips every day after work for a week, loading up my car (which, at the time, was a Ford Focus coupe...) and unloading it with a million little trips back and forth. UGH.

    I was actually going to ask you about movers and their prices to get a baseline, because I remember last move I tried to get a rough idea but they kept asking me to give dimensions and weight of ALL MY FURNITURE and I was like nah, I just want like an hourly range please?

    I totally volunteer to come help you unpack, and by unpack, I mean empty boxes so I can have them for my hopefully soon move and drink wine. And then aggressively unpack and organize while wine tipsy, which is way more fun than it sounds.