December 06, 2016

The 411: November

October was such an awesome month that part of me felt that November wouldn't be able to keep pace. Turns out, I was wrong.

I kicked off the beginning of the month with an amazing new job and I'm still loving it a month later (always a good sign!).

I also went on a date. O_o  If you know me IRL, then you know this is a HUGE deal. It was simple and casual which I'm all for. We went for sushi (a first for me) and surprisingly, I enjoyed it. It's not something I'll crave, but I didn't die. {Writer's note: I had sushi 4 days after this, still a fan}

The next weekend I went home for a friend's surprise 40th birthday party. He was less surprised than we all hoped for but I got to spend the day with my BFF and that's always a nice thing.

After that it was a smooth week (hooray!) and then I went with my planner bestie the the NYC Planner Meet. I talked about this after it happened, but let's relive it anyway! Also, if you're a planner in the NYC area, get in this group!

The following weekend I headed back home to stuff my face and do some {official} holiday shopping. 

Last Monday was my birthday and even though I don't really "celebrate" in any way, it was still a good day. I met up with friends for a little post-work drinking. 

And just like that,


  1. First of all happy belated birthday! Sounds like you are doing well which is always a good thing! Ummmm how have you never had sushi before? I LOVE sushi!

  2. Congratulations on the new job!!! (I don't know if I missed this or you just didn't mention it.) And the date. The first time I had sushi, I was not a fan. I think the texture takes some getting used to. Now it's delicious and I told Ryan that while some people might want a glass of champagne as soon as they pop out their little wrinkly gremlin, I want him to go get me sushi. Not that I've been all that good about adhering to the "no raw foods" rule. Not eat cookie dough? Do they know me???

  3. happy belated birthday! that planner meetup seems like a dream; it's so great to meet up with like-minded planner lovers!

  4. Glad to hear that a month in, the job is still on the "pro" side of life lately! November was a packed month. Glad you enjoyed the crap out of it ;) PS, sushi is THE best date food; it was always my go-to on a first date because it's fast but can be extended into a long dinner if need be, haha.

  5. yay for dates and sushi!! congrats on the new job too! that planner event looks amazing. happy belated birthday!

  6. Happy belated birthday! Yay for dates & loving your job!