December 14, 2016

Trading Spaces: Part 1

Most people don't like the moving process. They don't want to put their lives into boxes, load them into a truck, move them to an empty space, and then take everything out and set it up. However, there's this weird thing that tends to happen when you've moved around a lot... you get good at it. You enjoy it.
And that's exactly where I find myself. Back in 2014 I posted about my moving process and how I make it super easy and stress free. I'm telling you, it's the only way to do it. This time around it's been even easier because I plan to replace things and really coordinate my space so that it's 100% me.

I've wanted a gray bedroom for years. Now I'm finally making it happen. Here's a look at a little idea of what I'm going for.

I really want to make this space a sort of sanctuary. The light gray walls will be calming and are neutral enough that when I want to change up the accent colors, it will flow nicely. I'm going with purple accents to start because I think royal purple and lavender look gorgeous against gray. That is the exact bed frame I have so I think that will play into the look I'm going for. I really like the vintage letter lights and will pick up a metal one from Hobby Lobby. It may not make it into the bedroom, {maybe the office?} but I want one.


As for the living room, I'm envisioning something more homey, cozy, and masculine. I'm a very no frills kind of girl and since I know I'm going more feminine in the bedroom I want this space to balance it out and be welcoming to company.

I plan to keep the walls a warm, neutral color. I really like the color below as it kind of reminds me of buttercream. It will also lead into the kitchen nicely. I have a chocolate brown couch {similar in color to the one here} and a wood and glass coffee table. I may replace this for something with storage but I haven't found the right piece yet. Ideally, the TV will be wall mounted with a media table below. Due to the amount of rooms branching off the living room, it appears smaller than it actually is so I want to create the opposite effect. I plan to do a gallery wall above the couch using fun quotes and images that can easily be swapped out as my taste, mood, or the seasons change. The living room is hard wood so a complimentary rug will get put down to add to the look.


As for the rest of the house, the bathroom is a dark pink. I'm not a fan but I plan to pair it with navy to make the best of it. The kitchen is fairly large and is a light yellow (I think) with yellow tile with dark brown trim. Eventually I plan to paint the kitchen yellow and refresh the cabinets.

The office isn't even close to being ready, and the other room will be transformed into a walk in closet. The enclosed porch will be used for seasonal storage and will also be the cats' room.

As for the rest of the details, and reveals, they'll come in due time. For now, tonight I get my keys!!


  1. yay! congrats on getting your keys!

    gray walls (soft gray) is so cozy and warm...our dining room is that colour with a dark charcoal accent wall.

  2. That bed is so classy!
    We have a lot of grey in our house- my husband is a big fan of the color. Our bedroom is grey+yellow, the living rooming is grey+olive green, and the basement has a grey bathroom and grey accents in the otherwise blue-toned room.

  3. Congrats!! I love your plans. I have moved I don't even know how many times in the past few years & I still hate it haha.

  4. Looooove gray and shades of purple together. Will be such a heavenly place to rest and restore!

    Already can't wait to invite myself over to hang out in that living room! Navy sounds like a great way to go to balance out pink. I'm so happy for you and can't wait to see how you transform your space and make it your new home. Congrats!!

  5. Ahhhh always soooo exciting to finally get the keys to your new place! I remember the same feeling when we moved into our current place this past summer. I love what you have planned so far for the bedroom and living room, eespecially your plan for a gallery wall since I'm planning to do the same for our living room. Great minds :)

  6. Those are the colors of my bedroom, living room and kitchen as well lol. Though my bathroom is a gross yellow so I got gray accents. Navy and pink sound perfectly complimentary. I'm so excited for you- congrats!!