December 21, 2016

Winter is Coming

Back in June there was this link up that I missed where we all laid out our seasonal goals. Of course I wasn't going to let a little lateness deter me so I posted mine eventually. Monthly goals are too easily forgotten. I make them and almost immediately forget what they were. It's a viscous cycle. But seasonal goals, quarterly if you will, those I can get behind.

For summer/fall, I kept it light and simple:

+ Purchase a fire proof safe - I held off on buying one of these all season long as I was hoping to get a good deal around Black Friday.... and I did! 

+ Pay off NJ tax lien - This isn't done just yet but I plan to do it before year end. 

+ Hit the beach at least 5x - I exceeded this with flying colors. I was down June 9th, July 9th, July 16th, and the entire last week of July. WIN.

+ Lose 5 pounds - better luck next time?

As much as I love summer, I do truly enjoy winter. There's something about the blanket of snow that just makes me happy. And if we're getting a blizzard? Even better. Personally, I've always been a fan of shoveling snow so the inches don't make one bit of difference to me. Here's what I'll be tackling this season:

+ Winterize Javi.  I haven't had a car in almost 2 years so I plan to do everything I can to make his first winter a good one. That means Ice-X {check}, a good ice scraper, and checking my emergency kit.

+ Get back into a fitness routine -  Are you even surprised to see this on here? Given my new health problem this is more pressing than ever. The motivation isn't there at all so it's time to call on my discipline {also hibernating} to make the changes I want to see. 

+ Pay off 2 credit cards and 1 loan. Now that I'm in a better financial position I want to start throwing money at my credit cards and loans. I always knock out the smaller ones first to build momentum. Plus, it's nice to be able to cross something off the list. 

+ Go out more. I'm leaving this one vague so it can be open to whatever comes my way. Whether that means learning to ice skate, going for a winter stroll, doing some winter-themed activity, or just hitting the pub with friends, I want to be more open to living life outside of my living room. 

Again, I'm keeping it simple. I see no reason to add self-imposed stress. Any plans you have for the winter season?


  1. Winter activities sound like a good idea. I'm cranky about the darkness and cold, so some hot chocolate and ice skating would make it more fun. Also yes to getting rid of debt! Always a good goal.

  2. this winter has been snowing quite a bit so we're going to hit the local slopes and practice skiing and snowboarding in preparation for our big Tremblant trip in Feb.

  3. I realized quarterly goals/task lists are better for me too, and I've totally changed the way I write them. Only a relatively small number, and each with a plan for how to achieve.

    Good luck checking these awesome goals off the list. I want to make a point to go out more too, because being inside my apartment for work and life all the damn time has been driving me crazy. Aside from running and yoga, most days I'm here or in the same situation—inside at David's. Trying to get on top of cabin fever before it sets in this year. (Psst, Thursday night yoga this week would help you accomplish 2 of these! ;))

  4. LOL so hard at the e-card - truth! I like shoveling too, I love the snow we've been getting. I don't have a car though, I don't know if that makes it harder or easier, honestly. Hooray for the paying off debt goal, good luck!!

  5. I haven't given the seasonal goals a go yet, but I think it might be my method in 2017, monthly goals seem to turn into more of a to do list than real goals. I hate winter so going out in the weather always requires a lot of motivation! Good luck with all your goals!

  6. Good luck with your winter goals! I need to get back into a fitness routine too.

  7. I just signed up for a yoga challenge on Facebook...I try to kickstart January with something like that, but it has to be manageable. As in, I'll want to continue it.
    I like your Winter graphic :)