January 16, 2017


Some days I come to this space and I have the best idea. Other days I spend all my free time staring at Oreo while he sleeps. It's a fine balance I keep...

I am constantly downloading and deleting apps. Actually, I shouldn't say that. I hate clutter and that extends to the apps on my phone. Instead, I should simply say I am always deleting apps from my phone. Since deleting the Facebook app things have been a lot nicer and I'm no longer a slave to a red numbered icon {make it go away!}. However, there are some apps I can't bring myself to part with.

If there's one thing I know about myself it's that pictures speak to me. This is probably one of the main reasons Instagram appeals to me so much. I get a small glimpse into your lifestyle, whether staged or candid.

Snapchat is probably my third most used social media app. Instagram will always be my main squeeze, and I suppose Twitter is second, though I think I'm snapping more than I'm tweeting. Case in point... here are some things I've snapped lately.

I'm not all about the 20 degree weather but I like to think I do it well.

Decision making is hard. Saturday night wine or Saturday night spiked hot chocolate? The wine won. 

Happy mail days are THE best days! 

I think this is proof of a new level of lazy, even for me. 

I can't even express to you how pissed off I was about these "enchiladas". First of all, just no. They were barely wrap pieces of chicken and the salsa on top is only there because I put it there. Total let down. 

I know it's a cat thing but must they be next to me at all times??  I wanted to lay down....

I wanted this shirt so bad but I walked away. Then I realized it was on sale and I had a gift card and then I only paid $0.53 for it so I win!


I'm just going to call a spade a spade.... I've become a beer snob. The guy and I went to Defiant Friday night. I'll be making a return trip soon. 

One of my favorite Sunday routines. Although my teacher is moving to NYC so I'm pretty bummed about that. 


  1. boo to those enchiladas! that sucks. that cheat day shirt though, what a bargain!
    my cats don't always lay near me. makes me sad. one of them is always on top of me, the other is next to me and the other is all over KC. rude. haha.
    snapchat is probably my favourite social media thingy.

  2. I still don't like snapchat. I want to reference pictures I "snap" all the time and they're just gone. So now my sister and I have reached a compromise. I will text her and she will snap me and we will all just be ok with that. I also hate when someone sent me a video and I didn't realize and then my phone is just making noise at me at inopportune times.

    You know what I did discover, thanks to Snapchat? Bitmoji. Bitmoji is hilarious and I love it and it's currently the primary reason I still have Snapchat on my phone.

  3. So I was scrolling a little bit at a time and only the top part of the yoga photo was visible but I was like hmm that looks like my mat? and then it all made sense. Sorry not sorry, guess you'll have to do yoga in the city with me now! ;)

  4. Ummmm ok wine rack! Girl, you are stocked! I need to step my wine game up asap ;)

  5. those most assuredly are NOT enchiladas. NEVER order mexican food east of the mississippi, gal.

    and i want that cheat day shirt, too. fifty-three cents? that's pretty awesome. :]