January 05, 2017

The 411: December

If there was ever a whirlwind month, it was December. The month came and went before I even knew what had happened. 

A lot happened in December. Ok, not "a lot" but some big things.

At the beginning of the month I went to visit friends in VA. We hit a couple breweries and I greatly expanded my beer palate. This girl is officially a dark beer drinker!

That was followed up with my company's holiday party at 30 Rock. Ice skating and an open bar made for a great night. Having never ice skated before I passed on that. I wasn't about to bust my ass in front of new coworkers.

Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center

I started moving into my new apartment.

And then *POOF* Christmas week was upon us.

I went home, of course, and was entertained by both cats and kids alike.

Mom came through for Christmas {as always} and I f i n a l l y got my Kitchen Aid stand mixer. She's a beauty. I haven't used it yet but I'm thinking homemade pizza dough is the first order of business. I also got a $150 credit to my tattoo parlor.

Personally, I was super excited to finally get my birthday/Christmas present from myself: my new TV. 55" of crystal clear smart goodness. I had it mounted on Monday and I'm super in love with it.

New Years was spent doing exactly as I planned: unpacking, relaxing, and not watching the ball drop.

And just like that, December left as quickly as it came. I have to say, the last 3 months of 2016 were a complete and utter whirlwind of amazingness. So much happened in such a short time and I'm very excited to see what 2017 has in store.


  1. Hahaha I love gifting myself bday/Christmas presents too. The TV sounds awesome! And YAY for the standing mixer! That's been on my list for awhile. So jealous of your holiday party. I never skate there because it's always super crowded, but I understand not wanting to fall in front of coworkers too! Sounds like a great month- happy new year!

  2. i haven't been ice skating in years but i used to love it. i still wouldn't do it in front of coworkers haha. oh how exciting for your kitchen aid mixer! i'm not a good cook or baker but they are so pretty and i feel like i could be if i had one ;) and yay for new tv! gifts to myself are always my favourite.

  3. the kitchen aid stand mixer is the BEST thing i've ever gotten - i use it at least once a week.

    and NYC during the holidays is on my bucket list....we're thinking maybe in 2018 we'll be spending the holidays in NY!

  4. Huge moves for you at the end of 2016! Here's to continued successes large and small in 2017.

    My aunt gave me her kitchenaid, she was never using it. Now I'm barely using it. hahaha

  5. So jealous - a Kitchen Aid stand mixer. I've coveted one for a long time but my apartment seriously lacks in cabinet and counter space, so I opted for a food processor instead. And yes, most definitely make pizza dough with it! I'm glad you're getting settled and here's to more great things in 2017!

  6. Seriously, what DID happen to December? All of a sudden it was January. So many big things happened to you in the last few months of 2016! Glad you got to enjoy your holidays and visits with many people in many places.

  7. I feel the same way about December. It was here & then suddenly it wasn't. I would love to go ice skating there! Of course I was also in figure skating for quite a few years. I would probably feel the same as you had I never been before. I'm still so excited to see what you get for your next tattoo.

  8. Too cool that your company party was at 30 Rock, complete with ice skating! The perks of NYC!
    Sounds like you made out like a bandit with Xmas gifts! I love gifting others but it's so great when people get it right with my gifts! ;) Haha!

  9. You choosing not to ice skate made me laugh. There was an event this year that I took the stepkids to that I had ice skating. I had done it as a kid at an indoor facility. Uhm. As an adult...yeah...I wasn't too good. The shoes/skates/boots whatever you call them hurt and I turned into a whiny person no one wanted to be around. ha!

  10. Honestly, I still feel like my mind is stuck in October. I can't understand how the past couple months flew by so fast!

  11. Hi. Just found your blog. Sounds like you had a busy & fun December. What will you be getting for a tattoo? I have 7 so far.

  12. Happy new year! Hope things are calming down now for you.