January 06, 2017

The Anti Post

I was playing blog catch up the other day when I read Stephanie's post about her Anti-Bucket List and I immediately thought hell yes!

Every year we talk about the things we're going to do and the plans we're putting in place. No one ever talks about the things they won't do. So, to take a page from Steph's blog....

Say yes when I mean No
I'm usually really good about this. If I don't want to do something you're going to be hard-pressed to get me to sway. Still, there are times when my resilience flounders and I find myself committing to something I either don't care about or have no interest in doing. That flag isn't going to fly this year. In fact, I've burned it.

Spending Freezes
Although I love these in theory, they never work for me. Either I completely forget to account for things or I blow the freeze in the first week. They feel ultra restrictive to me and as a true Sagittarian, if I feel restricted, I'm going to lash out. So although I will monitor my spend/save habits and try to be conservative and thoughtful about my purchases, there will be no bans or freezes.

Not. Happening. Yes, I intend to eat better and be mindful of my food choices. Yes, I will be seeing a nutritionist in a week but what won't be happening... Weight Watchers or any other diet program that requires me to spend money and go to meetings or track my food in special apps (except MFP, I love that app and its 100% by choice) in an effort to retrain my brain. Not. Happening. Diets are all bullshit and if I just stick with my plan - being mindful of what I'm eating - then I will succeed.

Blog Pressure
Can I get an amen!? I put so much bullshit blog pressure on myself and I'm not having it this year. Does it really matter whether I religiously post MWF? Does it matter if I'm current with link ups or if I post a week late? Does it matter if I'm picked for campaigns? N O P E! This is my space and it only matters what I want for it. If it stops being fun then I stop blogging. Here's to keeping it fun.

Give 3rd chances
I tend to be somewhat lenient when allowing people to redeem themselves. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem cutting someone off and never speaking to them again if necessary, but sometimes I give extra opportunities for redemption when it's not warranted. Case in point, the "friend" I ask a favor of and they say yes, no problem and then bail on me... twice.

These five things may not be major but I know they'll add to my Year of Less


  1. I love your ideas about blog pressure and no diets. Diets can be overrated because we tend to fall naturally into healthier habits by just tweaking routines. An overhaul on January 2nd is setting us up for failure, no matter what the resolution is.

  2. Yay I always get so excited when someone likes one of my posts enough to make one themselves :) It's so funny, I have 2 friends who are also December babies and they are the exact same way. Spending freezes, diets, anything of the sort, they cannot be restricted into it. They have to do it their way or no way.
    Completely agree with blog pressure and 3rd chances (actually you're nicer than me, I don't even do 2nd chances. #scorpio...) The minute I try to blog like I'm 'supposed to,' I totally burn out. When I write posts for fun, the way I want, on my time frame, it's so much better. Plus that's how I wrote my last 3 sponsored posts and they got tons of engagement and love. Just have to buck what everyone else says and do it my way.

  3. blog pressure is wack. i used to feel that with my other blogs but not this one - i just blog when i want. it's so much better this way and more fun as well.

  4. YASSSS. I love all this and totally agree that these will be good things to let go of. And I am 100% with you on blog pressure. I'll write when I want, and am otherwise totally forgiving myself this obligation. I know whoever wants to read will read when I post, and other than that, it really doesn't freaking matter. Amen!

  5. I washed my hands of the blog pressure back in the spring and it's been a huge relief. I just don't need that kind of to do list in my life! I think so much of eating comes down to being mindful of what you're eating...and so much of it begins with knowing what is healthy and how to read labels. I'm a firm believer in everything in moderation!

  6. I really like this! I especially agree with the spending freeze! That never works for me.

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  7. YES I agree with all of these!! Happy 2017!

  8. Great list on all counts! Especially the blog pressure... we said, while not adhering to our schedule in the slightest anymore. This isn't a syndicated TV show, and what we do we do for free, so why kill ourselves trying to do it? You said it - keep it fun!

  9. i'm not good with all out spending freezes either. i need to give myself room, otherwise i'll buy everything. same with restricting food, i can cut out all sweets and junk, but i need one thing that feels like a treat, otherwise i'll binge. gotta know what works for you i think.
    the 3rd chances. i have a friend who is on like, chance 375. she's my oldest friend though, so i'm having a hard time stepping away completely. my expectations have changed drastically though, so at least i'm not disappointed anymore.
    hope 2017 is a fabulous year for you :)