February 01, 2017

Operation: Save a Lot

A few weeks ago I was emailing with someone (probably Steph) about needing to do a true freeze this month. I've been spending a lot lately and if I want to stay on track for the year I need to reign it in and keep my goals in mind. 

The last time I did a freeze it was an absolute disaster. As in, on day one I had to spend $30 for a new outfit because of some freak pen accident where I drew all over the side of my dress. Not the best way to kick of a no-spend. 

This time, I have a very good idea of what my monthly calendar looks like and I'm able to really plan for success. Obviously things like co-pays for doctor visits, etc. don't count. 


There are some areas where I know I struggle no matter what. Particularly, eating out, going out, and stickers. Seriously, why is that last one still a thing?? As such, I've built these slip-ups into my no-spend so that it will be smooth sailing. 


I already know {for the most part} what's in store for this month. I've made space in life and the budget for these things:
  • Feb sticker kit. These will be the only ones I buy all month. 
  • Going out with W the first weekend of the month 
  • Super Bowl Sunday 
  • 50 Shades movie {guilty pleasures need love too!}
  • Grand opening at my hairstylist's salon {I plan to go and enter raffles, but I do need new product and I think this is the time to get it}
  • Mardi Gras wine tour at the end of the month. The ticket is paid for and I'm allowing 4 bottles max
  • Tattoos #9 and #10 {I have a credit so this may end up being free}
  • 2 happy hours
  • 2 lunches out
  • 1 dinner out

Wait until March

  • clothing
  • shoes
  • home decor {unless with a gift card}
  • treadmill
When I read back over the allowance list I feel like I've "allowed" everything but realistically, that's what's going on this month and it's what I know will work for me. If I say no dining out at all, that's a recipe for disaster. I'm feeling food about the next 28 days. Now it's time to

How do you do with no-spends? Are you doing one this year or are you in the middle of one?


  1. So excited for you, it'll be an awesome month! MARDI GRAS WINE TOUR?! That's fantastic, I wish I was going.

  2. Knowing your weak spots and making a plan to keep them from being your complete undoing is the smartest way to prepare for anything like this. Good luck!

  3. Good luck! I've never done one, & quite frankly I'm terrified to do one. Although that's only because I NEED to do one.

  4. I did this in January (posted it yesterday) and I agree...you have to do this in a way that's manageable. I didn't put limits on myself exactly but I tracked what I spent. I did notice that I bought no fun stuff, like at all. Interesting how that happens when I'm writing down expenditures.

  5. Knowing your calendar definitely helps with planning a no-spend month. And eating/going out are my pitfalls as well. Super jealous of your Mardi Gras wine tour! I think I need to reign it in this month, minus of course concert tickets this Friday. Good luck!

  6. Good luck! I've been on a semi freeze since October!

  7. I do better when I give myself allowances. Good luck!

  8. I feel like this is something I could stick to. I've done a "no spend" month and it also ended in disaster. I need to give myself a little room. March it is!