February 17, 2017

Things I Suck At

Typically, I'm not very modest. I mean, I can be, at times, but I know my strengths and I have no problem telling you that I will spell you under the table or can fold a fitted sheet like I'm Martha Stewart's kid. 

Life is all about balance though, and there are quite a few things that, plain and simple, I suck at. 

Reading blogs 
It's no secret that I'm a terrible reader... and writer for that matter. I am so freaking inconsistent it amazes me I have any clue what's going on in this little corner of the web at times. I have categories in Bloglovin that help me keep up with all of you but I'll go weeks without reading and then comment-bomb you. Sorry not sorry?

Washing my face at night
Did I really just admit that for all of the internet to see? Yup. I'm beyond horrible about this. As in, I never do it. I could do it as soon as I get home but what if I randomly go out? Then I have to do my makeup all over again. Sure, I could do it when I realize I'm not going out for the night but then the couch cuddles me too hard and I don't get up. The fact of the matter is I never do it and I'm blessed with good skin {see? not modest} so I wake up like this 

Humble brag: I took this pic TODAY... at 3:05am

Dressing weather appropriate
I really have no excuse for this one now that I have Alexa. Every day I ask her what the weather looks like and she's pretty accurate in her information. Life PA (pre-Alexa) was another story. It basically went like this:
Me: looks outside; sees a sunny winter day; wears a light sweater and pea coat. 
Walks outside:

Eating well
There is no way around this. I'm horrible. I will always choose the carb/butter/fat/FLAVOR loaded option over veggies and greens any day. I try to balance. For instance, yesterday I had 2 small pieces of pizza and a large salad for lunch. However that was also followed by 2 cookies.

Seriously. Do not even think about asking me for any type of numerical assistance. I will fail you. I am absolutely horrendous when it comes to anything relating to math. And yet somehow I always managed to pass after failing all year. And the thing that pisses me off about this is that MATH NEVER CHANGES. 34 + 57 will always be... 91 {according to the calculator} so it's really just a matter of memorizing it.

Being on time
This is something I'm really, really working on, but it's a struggle. I wish it weren't. It sounds so ridiculous to admit that I'm usually late everywhere I go. Not even sounds. It IS ridiculous. And I guarantee it's not even for anything good. I always think I have more time than I do. 

So here I am, airing out some dirty laundry. I think it's a fine balance. So tell me, what are some of your flaws?


  1. I LOVE THIS!!! I, too, routinely fail at dressing weather-appropriate. I feel like there's some kind of secret everyone else knows that I don't! My latest habit is yo-yo-ing between being over dressed and under dressed. I'll walk to the grocery store and be freezing in a coat and hoodie, so I'll layer up to go out that night and be sweating on the walk there. I can't nail this thing!!!

  2. I'm always early for everything but the rest I totally hear you on! I'm never dressed weather appropriate, but I run hot so if I bundle up for winter like everyone else, I start to get light headed on the train from being so overheated. I'm like a polar bear I think.
    You do fine reading my blog! :) I appreciate that.

  3. The "I'm not sure how many problems I have meme" made me LOL so hard! I don't like math either. I'm great at figuring out what 20% off is for shopping purposes but otherwise, not so great. I'm overall really good at being on time, my parents are not, which is why I think I am. But I am not so hot at correctly judging how much time it will take me to complete a task. I almost always believe I can do it quicker than I can. All right, since you admitted it first, I'm also terrible at washing my face at night. I'll remember when I'm in bed but too sleepy (lazy) to get out and do something about it. :D

  4. I wish I could even begin to know how to fold a fitted sheet. Hahaha. I guess I could watch a Youtube video or something but I don't care enough. I'm REALLY good at being on time, but I'm with you on sucking at eating well. Carbs/sweets are my downfall. And I have NO self control if something is in the house. I got a giant bag of Rolos on Valentine's Day and I've just been constantly eating them every day. I'm 99.9% sure they'll be gone today. (Even worse, if I have chocolate chips in the house to make cookies or something, the leftover chocolate chips only last a few days. Seriously. I eat them. #yikes)

  5. Lol same with reading blogs and making good food choices. I've actually stopped eating red meat, chicken & turkey as of Jan 1, 2017 but all my veggie and seafood eating is completely negated by the fact that I eat something chocolate every day (sometimes multiple times a day lol). One thing I'm really bad at is walking... I'm always tripping for no reason on "things" that are apparently not there. It makes Charles (a sneakerhead) so upset because I'm always scuffing up my shoes which is pretty much a sin to him. I also have a bad habit ofwalking into corners of desks (when I try to walk around) and consistently have bruises on the outside of my thighs because of that. Pretty much, I'm graceful on the dance floor but a klutz everywhere else haha.

  6. I've become a whole lot more inconsistent with my blog-reading and blog-responding. Life happens, right?
    As for eating well - I suck at that too. Always have. Always will.

  7. I'm always late too. I hate that, because I know a lot of people see lateness as 100% a measure of rudeness or disrespect, and I don't agree—but try arguing with someone who thinks there is never an excuse for lateness. I never *try* to be late, but I either miss the train by a minute or hit every light or can't find my keys or have to pee right before I walk out the door or whatever. I've read a bunch of things that say a lot of people who are chronically late are worldview optimists, and we're late because we just don't think traffic will be that bad or we don't think cleaning snow off the car will take that long, etc.

  8. i have tons of flaws haha. i am never late though, i am always ridiculously early.
    i never used to get so behind on blog reading or commenting but clearly, it's been happening a lot lately lol.

  9. I did one of these years ago, I know my strengths just as well as my weaknesses, not afraid of either! LOL

    Math for me too, and I'm trying to get better at washing my face at night but nine out of 10 times, fail. Other weaknesses: patience, choosing restaurants, folding sheets period.

  10. This post is so freakin' great! I legit have nights where I will stare at my Micellair water and still refuse to bother cleaning off my face. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, I sure let it, haha.

    And the fact that you can fold a fitted sheet like MS's kid is so freakin' impressive -- don't get me started. I try often and fail always, lol!!