March 29, 2017

4 Things I've Stopped Doing

I'm a big supporter of reevaluation. In all aspects of life. If something isn't working for you - change it. If you're not happy with something - change it. I strongly believe that we make our own luck, and as such are the creators of our own lives. Things don't just happen to us. We bring them about by a series of thoughts and decisions. 

Here are four things I've stopped doing to either effectuate change or because they no longer serve me. 

Using iTunes
We are fully immersed in a digital world. Everything is digital. Photos. Music. Shopping. And I for one use it to make my life easier as much as I possibly can. Still, there are some tech advances that are now a hindrance and iTunes, for me, is one of them. I use Spotify exclusively and I can't tell you the last time I synced a playlist to a phone. Probably 2011-ish?

Buying stickers
Did you just gasp? I know. I can hardly believe I'm even saying it because I'm a planner girl to my core. The thing is, when I started last fall I went a little very overboard in buying stickers and now I have a TON that aren't being used. I've RAK'd a lot of stuff but it really just ends up being a waste of money and I'm not having that anymore either. There is one sticker shop I buy from monthly, and this is fine. All the rest, I'm shopping what I have.

Taking pictures
This is both true and untrue. I still take a lot of photos but I'm more selective now. I used to take pictures of everything I saw/liked/thought was funny/wanted to share. It made for tons of pics that were taking up space in my phone or on my hard drive, all to never be looked at again. Then I decide to clean up my photos and I have all this nonsense to go through. Honestly, I have a ton of pics on my phone (1,379 as of this drafting) and some are from Cancun (September 2016) that I haven't even gone through because  THERE ARE SO MANY. Point is, I'm a lot more selective about what I'm taking pictures of so that I don't have to clean up later on.

Shopping at Target
Blasphemy, I know. This isn't to say that I don't still shop at Target, it's just that I no longer hit up Target every single weekend. There was a time (circa 2010) when I would get really bored on Sunday afternoons so I'd head to Target and walk the entire store just to get out of the house. Of course I would spend no less than $40 every trip on who-knows-what. A book here, clearance top there... it added up quick and going every Sunday really started screwing with me financially. Once I realized what I was doing I quit Target cold turkey and haven't looked back. 

What about you? Have you cut something, or someone, out of your life because it no longer serves you? 


  1. I"ve started doing the taking selective pictures thing and it's so freeing!!!!! On vacations, I spend more time enjoying than worrying if I have cameara and batteries and did I get a pic of this and that.. it's all in my head and that's all i need.

  2. Target is such a black hole...a wonderful black hole, but still a black hole. I've kind of done the same thing with taking photos. Especially in situations that I really want to enjoy...I'll take a photo or two, but not obsess over documenting every little thing.

  3. I make my own stickers because I'm too cheap to buy them LOL.

    I only take selective pictures as well (when I remember) and of course, that includes sweaty selfies that i sent to my ahole bros group

  4. Oh how I feel ya on the Target thing! Ooooof money suck!

  5. I take way pictures than I used to which sometimes makes me sad. However, I also live a lot more in the moment because of it.

  6. I've been trying to avoid Target too and it's really been helpful for my bank account! I don't use itunes either -- I never have!! I do love Amazon music too.

  7. Same with Target and taking pictures. I actually used to take pictures way more in college when we had... wait for it... Kodak disposable cameras. LOL. Now that my phone and therefore camera is at my fingertips, I rarely take pictures of anything. Blogger fail.

  8. Hah I'm hoping this whole thing came out of our conversation this weekend about Spotify vs. iTunes!

    It's funny you mention pictures, because I've done the same. I rarely take photos anymore because I don't care about organizing and storing them properly, and if I don't do that I will lose them, so I only want to take pictures I will actually care about sorting and storing. We went to a museum a few weekends ago and I took a couple of pictures before realizing that it was pointless. I won't forget the experience (I saved one picture and Instagrammed it, just in case) but even so, pictures of pictures without the context are pointless. I see something beautiful and photo-worthy every damn day in the city. I don't need photos of it all.

    Also, I haven't been inside a Target since I moved, and have only gotten one online order, omg. This is so freeing.

  9. i stay away from target unless we specifically need something, and with KC there, I don't wander/buy all the things.
    i stopped taking pictures when my mum had her stroke - taking pictures of my food or something stupid just seemed so ridiculous, you know? i've since started taking photos of random things again, but like 10% compared to my previous 90% of the time. it's weird.
    i don't use itunes except to sync playlists.. but only because i don't use data, so spotify is useless to me when i'm out and about, only when i have wifi. i have downloaded my spotify playlist so it *should* work without wifi, but it works about 50% of the time, randomly stopping or not playing some songs at all. if i used data that wouldn't be a problem!