March 22, 2017

Snapped Vol. 2

It's time for another Snap Recap. I'll be honest, I'm pretty sure I use Snapchat every day. It's become one of my favorite social media platforms, beaten only by Instagram. Here's a look at what I've been snapping lately.

I stopped into Insomnia to buy a friend a cookie. Of course I bought one for me as well. I'm nice, not stupid. I haven't been in this location since.... August? It was like going home.

The struggle is fucking real.

My friend sent me this snap. It took me a minute to get what she was showing me. Who the hell approved this color name!?

I sliced my finger open at work trying to open a banana with a pair of scissors. Yeah. Read that sentence again and tell me if the dumbest shit doesn't happen to me. The stems are trimmed so low there's nothing to grab to peel the banana. I took scissors to it, like I always do, but this banana apparently didn't want to be eaten. I won.

This kid. She's smart, witty, sassy, sweet, funny, adorable, and the best little friend I could ever ask for. She's always down to be a complete goofball with me.

A friend ragged on me for having never tried this. Fun fact about me: I hate Pepsi. I have been and always will be a coke girl. The liquid, not the powder. I saw this a few days later in Target and grabbed it. It tastes like imitation Sprite {Coke product} and it made my stomach hurt.

Starbucks and flower crowns. What more could you want in life!?

I've been doing as much OT as possible at work and aside from the money I still don't hate going in at 4am.
And that's my life lately in snaps. I feel like I've been doing everything and nothing. What have you been up to?


  1. This is a creative blog post idea! :) I haven't tried the clean Pepsi, but I don't like Pepsi or Coke so I probably won't... lol. That makeup shade is WEIRD. I can't believe that's a color title, especially from NARS!

  2. A couple weeks ago I was being me and decided we HAD to go to Insomnia, because I've never been and damn it I wanted one. So it was like 4º and windy as all hell so obviously we walked all the way to and from the one on 111 & Amsterdam. I think I lost a few girlfriend points on that one but I had a giant red velvet cookie so ask me how much I care.

    I think Pussy Control is the name of a Prince song, if I'm not misaken?

    I thought Crystal Pepsi had gone the way of Tab? Not that I've ever had it, I just thought it was a total '80s thing or whatever. I don't drink soda at all really so I'll just take your word for it. When I did used to though, Coke all the way.

  3. Wait...Crystal Pepsi tastes Sprite-ish?! I assumed it tasted exactly like Pepsi but it was clear! Also, Coke is waaaaaaay better, so I'm with you there.

  4. Love the flower crown on the Starbucks cup! That lipstick name?!?! What???

  5. The flower crown on the Starbucks cup is so cute...they should think about permanently adding that to their logo! Ha ha. I haven't tried the crystal Pepsi, but someone was telling me it tasted just like normal Pepsi. I knew that couldn't be true though.

  6. everything and nothing haha yes. i have never tried crystal pepsi, i'm with you - coke girl. also, i sliced my finger opening a banana the same way and since then i either cut it with a knife (on a cutting board away from my fingers) or i open it at the bottom which just blew my mind.