March 30, 2017

Three on Thursday

Typically I like to use this series to share three things I'm currently loving or want to recommend. 

Travelers Notebooks
I've been planning for over a year now and if there's one thing I've learned, it's that my style is much different than when I started. Initially I was using a spiral bound hplanner. 6 months later I moved on to using both an A5 and personal sized ring bound planner. Last week I caved, after several weeks of secret desire, and bought an A6 Chic Sparrow. I think it's beautiful. And that leather smell - to die for. For now, I'm still in the process of figuring out how I want to set it up but I absolutely see the value in this style of planning. I even named it. Jack, of course. 

Desk or Not to Desk
Ok, this one is more something I'm debating. When I moved into my current apartment I was super excited because I was going to have an office. Here we are 3 months later I rarely even use the room. For one, I sit at a desk/computer all day long. The last thing I want to do when I get home is sit at my desk/laptop. I used to do this and didn't think anything of it. Now, it makes me sick. As such, having a physical desk is kind of pointless, especially since I have a laptop. It's not as if I'm sitting down and writing out checks for bills. Although I have things that do require a "desk space", they're not used daily. I guess what I'm saying is: what are your thoughts on doing away with an office? Do you have one, want one? 

TŪL pens
These pens are absolute perfection. For one, they come in black and blue ink. They're a 0.7mm gel and they write like a dream. I bought the "pearl collection" because they come in gold, rose gold, and silver. They make a ball point version as well, but I don't care for those. All gel all the time. These are the pens I don't let anyone borrow.

And now I turn it to you:

Do you use a Travelers Notebook? If so, share all your tips/tricks/secrets! Let me know your thoughts on doing away with an office. I'm curious to hear other opinions. 


  1. I don't have an office, mostly because I haven't really lived anywhere yet that allowed for that extra space. Once I did, but I definitely didn't use the extra rooms as an office. I don't know that I would have one. I like the idea in theory but when I do use my laptop at home I usually curl on on the couch with it, or go sit on my patio.

  2. i have a home office/craft room. there are times i spend so much time there followed by periods of hardly being in there. i say get one; it's there if you need it and you don't have to sit there for hours.

    show us your traveller's notebook! i've always wanted to see what one uses it for/what one writes inside.

  3. LOVE that notebook! Gorgeous! I miss having a office space even though I am at a desk all day at work! I can not wait till we move and I can have my office back!

  4. omg those pens. WANT.
    I do not have a desk or office at home, and it's for the reason you mention - I sit at a desk and computer all day, certainly not doing it when I get home or on the weekends. There's nothing I need to do at home that requires a desk, and when John does the couple of things he needs to (check writing, paperwork, etc.) he just sits at our dining room table, which is next to the room where his filing box sits on the bookcase. There's also a set of pens on said bookcase. That's all we find that we need!

  5. We don't have an office in our house, but we did in the townhouse we rented before we had children. I NEVER used it. Now that we have kids I'm always looking for different places to work, so I think in our next house we will need one.

  6. Okay when you say "travelers notebook" do you mean just a notebook that's easy to travel with or are you referring to a specific type/brand? I use a small moleskin that is pretty travel-friendly.

    I have a desk but I have need for one. Even still, I don't sit at it every time I use my laptop. I told you my thoughts on this the other day, but I definitely think switching to a cart or bookcase for desk stuff storage is the way to go!

  7. ooooh those pens are pretty.

    as for the office/desk... KC has a desktop and a work laptop, I have a laptop. He has a desk for his desktop (duh) and I got a pretty desk to go in our 'office' last year and I have used it 0 times. He was going to build me a computer but I ended up getting my laptop instead. Anyway, the same reasons you listed - I sit at a computer all day for work, I want to relax or sit on the couch when I get home, and I like being able to pull my laptop over for like 5 minutes and then go back to watching TV or reading a book. If I was sitting at my desk, I wouldn't be reading or watching TV or doing anything else, and that's just not for me. Probably doesn't make sense. But anyway. I still have my desk and I still plan on putting it in our new house because there are things that I want to keep in it, I don't know what kind of stuff you want to/need to put in your desk, but perhaps a different kind of storage solution would work. i like having notepads in my end table drawer next to the couch, along with pens and other things i use regularly. basically i apparently spend a lot of time on the couch lol

  8. Those TUL pens look heavenly!