March 16, 2017

Thursday Three Vol. 2

I'm pretty keen on this linkup. It's short, sweet, and it doesn't require too much thought at the end of the week. We call that a win over here. 


Sushi donuts

Apparently sushi donuts are a thing. Honestly, I'm not mad about it. For one, look how damn delicious they look! Unfortunately it's only in Cali but I'm all about traveling for food!

Jet isn't new to me and I've been a loyal customer for almost two years {I think?} but it's a site that I absolutely love. For one, it works with eBates {you NEED to be using it. yes, that's a referral link. Money for you AND money for me}, and two, the more you buy, the more you save. Jet works like this. You put paper towels in your cart. They cost $5.65. But wait, you also need a case of water. That costs $3.15. Because you added the case of water, you're going to lower your overall total by $0.20. Keep it up and you're saving a few dollars simply by purchasing things you were already intending to buy. Plus, Jet just started offering a fresh section {Amazon is their only real competitor IMO}.

Scotch Thermal Laminator

While making a holiday wish list last year I added that I wanted a laminator. My planner bestie is awesome and she bought me one. Specifically the Scotch 16" Thermal Laminator. In true slacker form I only just opened it last week {perfectionist problems} and now I'm on a mission to laminate EVERYTHING!

That's it for this week. A little food, a little shopping, and a whole lot of crafting! What things have been on your radar lately?


  1. I've seen the sushi donuts floating around. They look amazing! I may have to check out

  2. i could get down with those sushi donuts! they look so yummy!

  3. David's good friend and out frequent brunch buddy works for, and even knowing that I've yet to use it... I really should though.

    California, here we come?

  4. They're my favorite post of the week because at least I know I can get one thing up without it being too difficult :)
    I've never used Jet but now I really, really want to!

  5. We have a laminator in the office and I use it for everything. Hahaha! I've been on the fence about, but I'm running low on cleaning supplies so it's something I might look into :)
    My brother was in NYC a few weeks ago and he got a sushi-rrito while he was there. (A sushi burrito.) He said it was weird because you actually had to tear apart the raw fish with your teeth, lol. I don't think he was a fan.

  6. sushi donuts?! i am intrigued. also, had heard of jet but didn't really know what they did. i like saving money.. i will look into it. i still have christmas presents that i haven't opened.. from the year before last. oops.