March 20, 2017

Trading Spaces: The Living Room

Ever since I was a kid I've enjoyed seeing the way people decorate their spaces. Whether I was "doing my room" or Barbie's dream house, I always wanted things to coordinate and showcase my personality. As an adult that joy turned into a weird quirk - I love when people leave their blinds or curtains drawn and I can see into the house. It gives me a peek into their lives and based on what I can see in that short amount of time it makes me wonder about the rest of the house. 

As for me, I have what Alyssa aptly names "analysis paralysis" when it comes to making decor decisions. If I have too many options I want to do everything and therefore will never make a decision. Fortunately, that wasn't entirely the case this time around. 

Now that I'm finally all moved in and arranging everything I wanted to check in with some progress. When I last left off I was showing you the inspiration I was going after for the living room. I feel like I created my board and then went in a completely different direction... typical.

Here's how the room looked to begin with and my board

Here's what I actually ended up doing. Excuse the crappy quality of this photo. It was hard to get because of the natural light.

After choosing Sherwin Williams colors I ended up going to Home Depot and spontaneously choosing Downy Gray. It's a blue gray and I absolutely love it. It's neutral without being plain.

I had the TV wall mounted and although what I really wanted was a fireplace unit I decided shelving was a better option for me. The TV stand is from Wayfair. I was about to stop looking when I saw this and knew it was perfect. My only complaint is that I wish it were a bit higher. I still need to paint and put up the wire covers.

The console table is from Zulily. I debated getting one with a drawer but then realized it would just be a place to collect more crap. I use the basket to hold the things that would have been in the drawer -  a mini flashlight, tea lights, a bottle opener, etc.}. I'm using the pineapple I made for my keys and a few picture frames to keep it neat but not bare.

The gallery wall is one of my favorite parts of the room. I scoured the web for free printables and I love this because I can swap out the images at any time.

I also made better use of my coffee table by using the bottom shelf to hold a few books and other items. Eventually I'll replace this with either a storage one or something else.

The living room isn't tiny but because of the adjoining rooms, it appears more doorway than wall. I hung the mirror {from Home Goods} opposite the windows to make the room appear bigger and to help bounce the natural light since there is only a ceiling light on one side of the room.

I wanted to go on a spending spree buying everything at once... ok, that's pretty much what I did. But I did choose consciously in an effort to only buy and display items I truly wanted.

I think this room captures everything I was going for. It's cozy and inviting. When I sank down onto the couch the other night I felt right at home.


  1. looks great! i love the wall colour; those shades of gray always make a room feel so cozy.

  2. Ohhhh I LOVE what you did with it! I love the paint color too!

  3. Girl, ME TOO. I was such a creep when I lived in Montclair, running through town and looking in people's windows. (It helps that everyone has massive bay windows there.) Even now whenever there's an open window, I'm looking into it to see how people decorate or lay out their spaces. WHAT IS THAT ABOUT.

    I find that the best way to manage analysis paralysis is to start with one bright-line decision. It can be totally arbitrary, or based on one thing. Like, the couch HAS to go here. Or I NEED to have a blue couch. Or I can only buy mascara from this ONE brand. Starting with one non-negotiable helps a ton, for me at least.

    Okay, the apartment. I love the color scheme! Blue-gray is so pretty and versatile. Your gallery wall is lovely too, and I love the furniture pieces you picked. All in all so cozy, so you!

  4. It looks really great!! I love seeing other people's spaces too, it's so much fun. The wall paint color is perfect, good choice.

  5. True story- I used to go to open houses just to see how they decorated their places. #takingcreepertoadifferentlevel I'm so jealous that you had the option to paint! I've never been able to do that in any of my rentals. Love the color you chose too, it's very soothing. Love the gallery wall too. I keep saying I'm going to do one, especially since I already have frames, but alas, analysis paralysis has got me good on that front.

  6. i love seeing how 'real' people decorate. that sounds weird. i wish there was a real section of pinterest, because the perfectly styled rooms just aren't realistic for me. so anyway. i love love love the colour you chose, and the tv stand is so pretty. we got ours from wayfair too, though in our (hopefully) new house, the tv will go above the fireplace so the tv stand will go somewhere else i guess. LOVE your gallery wall. that clock = swoon. i love clocks.