March 08, 2017

When Breaking Up is Easy

Since the beginning of the year I've been in major purge mode. I haven't been adhering to any strict schedules but I've been making a conscious effort to free up space, both physical and mental.

Facebook App
I talked about this previously so I won't go into detail again but deleting this app from my phone has saved me LOTS of mindless scrolling and constant notification clearing.

Facebook Pages
I have been maintaining a Facebook page for my blog pretty much since its inception back in 2011. A few weeks ago I was in the process of scheduling some posts to publish to my blog's page when I realized I hated doing this and it was really more of a hassle than anything. I deleted the page and haven't thought twice about it. 

Phone Apps
I'll be the first one to admit I have a lot of apps on my phone. As of this drafting, there are 141 {including ones like "messages" and "phone"}. What the hell do I need 141 apps for?!  Some of them I use maybe once or twice a year {Delta or Jet Blue} and those I keep until the trip happens, then delete them, but the others? There were many that were there "just in case" and I made sure to remove them.

I was so excited to be able to cut the cable cord when I moved. Sling offered all my favorite channels for a fraction of cable prices. Auto win, right? Not exactly. The first 2 months were great. At the beginning of February, shit hit the fan. Out of nowhere channels started freezing and the streaming quality was horrendous. I wasn't able to watch anything without the show/channel freezing, literally, every 10 seconds. I did troubleshooting with several people, all to no avail. Then, when I call to cancel and request a  refund I'm told they can only refund me $9 (a week's worth of service) because I was "using the service, even if it wasn't working properly". So here's my PSA: avoid Sling at all costs. The service is garbage and their customer service is even worse.  

I had so many contacts in my phone. I would guess that I actually interacted and spoke to less than half of them. Recently I sat down with both my email contacts (3 accounts) and my phone and synced everything up and then got delete happy. That college classmate that I stopped speaking to after we graduated... gone. Former friends that have drifted apart.... gone. If I absolutely need to speak to them for whatever reason I can always look them up on Facebook.

Money Challenges
It may sound counterproductive to quit a savings challenge, but for me, it became a headache and wasn't helping me. A few years ago I found out about the 52-Week Challenge. By the end of the year you should have saved a little over $1,300. I found one that worked for me and got to it. I also found one to save $1,000 from January to October.

As great as these challenges are, they truly don't work for me. In an effort to save more I was actually hurting myself because I was trying to save in too many places. When you have 5 different savings accounts, it gets a bit overwhelming. Now, I save my "regular amount" into my highest yielding savings account for an emergency fund and I save half that into a second account as "fun money" for vacations, shopping, etc. Once I decided to stop doing them I instantly felt the pressure removed.

I can't lie, I'm mildly addicted to removing things that no longer serve me, whether it's apps,  stuff, programs, or people. If it isn't helping me, it's getting deleted.

How do you handle your life purges?


  1. I need to go through my contacts and clean them up!

  2. I love this :) I'm all about removing things from my life, it really is addicting. Contacts was a fun one, I'm down to 42, and at least 16 are family. And 3 are services, like Hawkeye's groomer.
    I have very few apps anymore. I feel like I need to keep instagram for the blog but trust me, it's next on the chopping block. I haven't put a photo up in weeks.

  3. I realized this week that I need a new hobby because i've gotten rid of so much physical and mental clutter (including list after list after list of ideas/goals/to dos that I downsized and no longer need to keep track of anymore -- i think there's a blog post in here) that i'm kinda bored. so I'm going to take up crocheting.
    Your phone sounds like David's. He has pages and pages and pages of folders in apps. I have all mine on one screen and only use I think 2 folders. Uber, Yelp, Amazon (which I'll probably delete), Spotify...not much else. Partly because my phone is old and slow and I have like no space on it, but still haha.
    Have you ever heard of the idea of horizontal savings? Your last point made me think of it, and I think you might be interested. Too much to write out here but if you're interested let me know and I'll give you a rundown.

  4. I had no idea you even had a FB page for the blog! I just checked- I have over 200 contacts in my phone. I literally only talk to like, 5 people. However not all of them are on FB, so I feel the need to write the #s down somewhere and that takes time.

    Ugh, sorry to hear about your experience with Sling! I cut my cable but use a hi-def antennae to get local channels/news and my Roku with Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime. I definitely suggest both!