April 10, 2017

21 Days of Detox

While I was home at the beginning of the month I stepped on my mom's scale. The number that glared back at me was not pretty. Mind you, I don't live by the scale, and although I have one, I rarely use it. The number that stared me in the face told me one thing: I need to use it more often.

I'm nothing if not transparent with you all so I'm going to tell you what it said. Also, I just need to put it out there. For several months I've been slacking on changing my diet and fitness habits. I knew I needed to cut back on the carbs and beer if I was going to effectuate change but decided to continue to bask in the deliciousness. Unfortunately, it's caught up with me. Or rather, it's made itself impossible to ignore.

As of April 3rd I weighed in at 193. Even typing that number pisses me off. There was a time, not too long ago, when I weighed 17 pounds less than that. I was exercising and eating wisely. Somewhere in the bustle of life, I dropped the ball. Seeing that number on the scale was my slap in the face.

I made a side comment to The Guy about needing to live in the gym and the result was us both agreeing to a 21 day low-carb challenge. No breads, pasta, rice, potatoes, or added sugars for 21 days.

Today marks 7 days and so far it's going well. The scale is down and I feel better overall. I've been walking more and trying to figure out where gym sessions will best fit into my schedule.

For now, I'm tracking my food intake via MFP {for the macros} and in my HP mini fitness {just as a visual log} and trying to drink all the water.

I'll check back when it's over... wish me luck!


  1. Don't let the number on the scale get to you! You got this!

  2. Good luck girl! That's awesome that you have someone to do it with you!

  3. I completely hear you, that's about where I am on the scale too except, ya know, I'm like a solid 4 inches shorter than you. (maybe?) I think your 21 day challenge is awesome, good luck finishing it out! I'm off sugar right now too, it's actually easier than I expected.

  4. I love that you used the phrase "effectuate change". It's needed for so many of us in different areas of life.

    Good luck! I'm rooting for you!

  5. good luck!

    i am with you, i don't live by the scale, but when you see a number that is a slap in the face, it is absolutely a good tool. i have steadily been gaining weight for the last 5 years and i am currently the highest i've been in 10 years. talk about a slap in the face. i keep saying 'i'm so sick of this' or 'i'm trying so hard!' but in reality i wasn't, still am not. i am trying to at least cut out really awful food like mcdonalds, ice cream and chips, but i know i need to work harder with exactly what i am eating and what i am doing exercise wise. maybe i need to do something like this.

    really though, good luck, hope it is going well and can't wait to hear about it!