April 06, 2017

March Happenings

I don't know if I've mentioned this {I'm sure I have}, but this is one of my absolute favorite link-ups. Here's what I got myself into in March.

What's New With You

The month kicked off with all the craft beer I could drink. Dani, Blue, and I went to the Big Brew Beer Fest in Morristown to treat ourselves to sampling all the craft beers we could take. I was excited because a lot of the breweries were favorites and a lot of the rest were ones I'd bookmarked to try. 

Then it was off to Georgia. I hung out with my cousins. We ate amazing sushi and went to see The Lumineers and Kaleo. They were both awesome. I can't wait until Kaleo starts headlining their own shows.

This is a Caterpillar Roll from Dogfish. And when I tell you it was some of the best sushi I've ever had I mean that I wold honestly consider flying to Charlotte to have more. Currently, they're only located in Atlanta, Charlotte, and 2 places in Florida. I need them to come to NYC, like yesterday.

While I was there my cousin and I hit the mall where I saw one of the most disturbing signs to date.

The northeast finally got hit with some "real snow" on Pi Day. I was disappointed only in that Blaze was supposed to be offering pizza for $3.14 and I didn't get a chance to go. However, I did whip out my laminator and create myself some spring dividers for my planner.

After some actual work and routine adulting I threw it all out the window and went out for St. Patrick's Day. This was my first year not going to the parade and I was a little disappointed about that {I'm obsessed with pipes and drums} but I still had a great day. Plus, how awesome is my shirt!? The sticker on that car cracked me up.

Alyssa and I took a trip to Delaware to visit Jenn and Little Dude. He's super adorable, even when he's being grumpy. We went to brunch the next morning at this fun, hipstery place called Drip Cafe. Both the food and coffee were on point.

Now that winter is f i n a l l y on it's way out I can start planning for all my spring and summer activities!


  1. I started THIS month at a beer festival. So much fun! I'm not a sushi fan but that caterpillar roll looks really cool.

  2. The roll looks so fun! I miss me some sushi! I can not wait to have some again!

  3. Ahh...were The Lumineers amazing?! I want to see them in concert so badly! I also really want that sushi...

  4. Oh man that 'hireing' sign made me physically cringe. That's terrible. I could barely even type that just now.
    I definitely need a 'wish you were beer' sign inside my house!

  5. Wow- you were SO busy in March! I'm glad it was a fun month for you :) I've never been to a St. Patrick's Day parade... Our town doesn't have one! Lol

  6. Errors like that on signs irritate me. Someone who works there must know better?! The Lumineers are so good live!