May 08, 2017

April Happenings

I'm still a little surprised we're already a week into May... and that I'm hopping on a plane tomorrow morning for vacation! But before all that happens, let's talk about April....

April ended up being a slow but busy month. 

On the first I went winery hopping. The new rule is that we need to visit at least one brewery amidst the wineries. So far, so good. Lucky Hare, the brewery we stopped at, has a resident tiger cat named Daryl. He's the sweetest thing and just hops from lap to lap accepting cuddles. Their beer was pretty tasty too. I bought a 22oz. to bring home... and a sweatshirt. 

The very next day we did the Color Run for the second year. Little Miss and I ran the majority of it. I was impressed with myself because a) not a runner, and b) kept pace and didn't end up with shin splints. Major wins.

While everyone else is Team Spring, I am not. For me, spring means rain. And although that does mean summer is coming, commuting in the rain is an absolute nightmare. It's windy even when there's no wind, and no matter what you do, you end up soaked because an umbrella will always fail you. In an attempt to make MY life easier I took a trip to the Woodbury outlets and bought myself a rain coat. Now that I have one it probably won't rain for the rest of the season, however, I'm now prepared and no longer need to worry about an umbrella. 

Little Miss turned 5 this month and I'm still not sure where time has gone. She's still this brand new, eyes closed, bundle to me. Yet at the same time she is my favorite person to talk to. She's so smart and funny and incredibly articulate for a 5-year old. And she already has road rage. BFFs for life. 

Also, can we talk about how freaking cool this kid is?! She's patched in to an MC. Before my Dad died he was a Prospect in the Punishers MC. After he passed he was fully patched in and become a member of #31, which is for fallen members. The Punishers are an amazing second family and for her birthday, Little Miss got a vest. All the feels.

I bought a treadmill to keep workin' on my fitness. Going to the gym as often as I should be doesn't fit comfortably into my schedule anymore. I'll go on the weekends, but at least with a treadmill I can get my cardio in at any time and won't feel guilty about wanting to watch TV.

Earlier in the year my cousin introduced me to Explosions in the Sky. When I finally sat down and gave them a real listen I was in love. They're perfect to put on and melt into whatever it is you're doing. It's instrumental so it's excellent cooking, yoga, meditation, or cleaning music. Alyssa and I went to see them since they were in the area. It was pretty magical. 

I finished the month visiting Williamsburg for the first time. I hit the Brooklyn Brewery and had a pretty wonderful day.


And that, my friends, was April. Now, bring on vacation!


  1. Jealous of your treadmill!!! I was determined to be a "stroller mom" and run with the baby but it's hard and I'm slacking. I would definitely run more if I could hop on a treadmill for a quick mile.

  2. I LOVE that vest and the story about your dad being a member. That's awesome!
    The gym doesn't work into our schedules either so I think my grandparents are giving us their treadmill :) I'm excited to have one in the house!

  3. I just need to point out that you went to Brooklyn, which I'm pretty sure I've heard you swear you would never ever do. HAH.
    Little Miss in that vest is so sweet! And hey, good for you for running most of the way!
    EITS was amazingggggg. So happy we got to go!

  4. That is so sweet that she got patched in & a vest. She is too cute. Congrats on running most of the race & the treadmill! Enjoy vacation!!