May 11, 2017

Three on Thursday: FWP Rants

Like every other red-blooded American there are some things that just grind my gears. Mainly, when things don't go my way. Don't get me wrong. I'm not a selfish, silver spoon in my mouth brat, but when things don't go as I want or expect them to, well, I can become a little testy. Here are three events that happened recently that royally pissed me off. 

1| Aldo
Let me just start this by saying I used to like them. They have since lost a customer. I ordered a pair of sandals online to be picked up in store. All is well. I pick up shoes, bring them home, and decide I actually don't like them. I bring them back to store on my way into work to return. The door is locked yet it is after the time when they should be open. The employee is standing behind the counter dabbing. I wish I were kidding. He sees me and then goes in the back. I wait semi patiently. 15 minutes go by and they're still not open. Naturally, I complained via Twitter. This past weekend I go to a different location to return. She tells me I can only exchange because I have no receipt {which they did not give or email me}. I call customer service where I'm told they will email it to me within 24-48 hours. Commence the losing of shit. 

2| Dr.'s office
According the to ACA at least one brand of generic birth control needs to be covered 100%. Since December 2016, I for whatever reason have been paying $10 to fill my prescription every month. I finally called my insurance company and asked which brand they covered 100% for the law. They send me a list. I call my Dr's office and tell them I want X brand because it is covered 100%. She tells me they'll call it in. I go to pick up the new Rx... it costs $10. I confer with the pharmacist and it's the same exact Rx as before. Initiate rage. 

3| Target and Best Buy
I had some time to kill before a wax appointment so naturally, I went to Target. I walked in intending to look at headphones since I've lost mine. Instead, I walked out with a pair of black sandals {much needed} and 3 pairs of flip flops since women's shoes were BOGO 50%. Of course as I was ringing myself out the shoes didn't reflect the sale so I had to have them price adjusted. Then, I went to Best Buy because I obviously didn't get headphones.... So I'm there and then I start looking at the $4.99 movies. I grabbed a Looney Tunes collection because I am a 32 year old child and because it was priced at $4.99. At checkout it came up as $9.99 and I didn't think anything of it because I just wanted to go home. Of course once I'm home and looking at it, sure enough the sticker says $4.99. So I call them to verify that they'll still price adjust it even if I've opened it and the guy tells me they don't do price matches after you've left the store. O_o  Good. Because that's not what I asked for.

*Bonus rants*

4| US Bank
On Monday I got a text message saying that a "card not present" charge was made on my card. Seeing as how this card has been sitting in my home wallet since March I know I wasn't the one who used it. A short time later I got an email telling me the transaction was declined. Either way, I wanted a new card. I call US Bank and they're acting like it's some strange request that I'm asking for a new card following fraudulent activity. And the best part: the charge was only declined because the wrong expiration year was used.

5| FedEx
Last Friday I scheduled a Fed Ex shipment and pickup for one of the attorneys I work with. Monday morning he wanted to know what time they were coming to get it. So I call FedEx and the person keeps asking me for a pickup confirmation number. I tell her I don't have one. She then tells me that if I don't have a confirmation number the package was probably never scheduled for pickup, even though I requested one. #rage

I can't with society/customer service these days.... 


  1. Just reading these made me rage-y! Poor customer service/stupid people are the worst!

  2. Oh, FedEx...I would be surprised if they weren't on everyone's rage list, ha ha. And that's crazy about your bank...wanting a new card seems like the obvious thing to do after a fraudulent purchase!

  3. Oh my dear lord, I couldn't even read these without my blood boiling. I'm so angry for you.

  4. When I moved into my first apartment, I got a call from Bank of America as I was walking out of Target (my regular, local Target I'd been to a zillion times) after spending like $250 on all sorts of home crap to make sure it wasn't fraudulent. A time later, my cousin in PA called me from the vet's office because she went in a rush and left her credit card at home, so I gave her my info over the phone so she could pay the vet. Nothing about that charge set off alarm bells for them though... -_- Yay, incompetence.

  5. Oh man, stuff like this makes me BLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD BOIL. I did a rant of the day post months ago and basically covered the same aggravations. See Exhibit A:

    BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE. I work in the market research/digital media industry and even though that’s not retail or traditional “customer service,” it’s still client service. I have to uphold a level of courtesy, professionalism, responsiveness and helpfulness at all times with my clients and those I interact with on a daily basis and honestly? I think I do a pretty damn good job of it. That said, I am consistently dealing with a sub-par level of customer service in my daily personal life. I recently ordered something from an online retail store that will remain nameless (rhymes with “pesos”) and it never arrived. The estimated delivery date came and went, but the item I ordered did not. So I sent an email. “Woops, looks like it’s delayed!” is what they essentially told me, and I was instructed to give it another few days. When the item STILL hadn’t arrived A WEEK LATER, I sent them another email, this time my tone a little more…urgent. This was the response I received, copy & pasted:

    Please check any safe places where your parcel could have been left for you, it’s also worth asking anyone else at your address, your neighbours and local post office to see if they’ve accepted it for you. If you still have no luck just give us a shout.

    ‘Scuse me? Now you’re giving me work to do? Excursions to go on? YOU’RE ASKING ME TO ACTUALLY *TALK* TO MY NEIGHBORS?! Dude, your shipment is extremely late and likely never coming – can you just dispatch me another one instead of sending me on a wild goose chase?! My LORD.
    I also recently dealt with an indescribable level of incompetence when trying to fill a prescription through an insurance company (they got a scathing letter from me, too)(#NotSorry) and I’ve encountered stupidity and rudeness of epic proportions from a variety of companies, organizations and services. I’m sick of rarely getting actual live helpful humans on the phone instead of automated responses and prompts. BE BETTER.

  6. did you get the headphones?