May 17, 2017

Vacation Vibes

I'm freshly back from vacation and not entirely thrilled about it. The way I've decided to look at it, I'm only working to fund my next vacation. Which is taking place in about... 4-5 months. 

This trip to Jamaica trumps the others {as if there are so many. I've only been twice.} in experiences had. If I had never done it, I made a point to do it. Simply for the thrill of saying 'yup... I've done that' Honestly, that's kind of how I live my life in general. I'll do things just for the sake of doing them {remember, I'm the girl who purposely got stung by a jellyfish} because in my opinion, it's all about the experience. 

Anyway, this trip was full of experiences.

It started with me wanting to go diving one morning. It turns out the "certification" I got in Cancun was only enough to say I was a wannabe diver. I ponied up the money and got my certification to be a certified diver. It was super easy and my instructor was awesome. It required a pool session, 3 chapters of reading {only I would give myself homework on vacation}, and 2 open water dives coupled with a few skills exercises. I'm happy to say I passed and then went diving every day after that.

{Mom, if you're reading it's the second picture after this paragraph... start scrolling.}
I also successfully gave my mom a heart attack when she accidentally saw me holding a Jamaican Boa. I've wanted to hold a snake for quite some time and I finally got my chance when we visited Jamaica Swamp Safari Village. I also made a point to hold a 2-year old crocodile. I was a little disappointed he didn't start to coil around my arm since I wanted to know what that felt like, but there will be others.

The crocs you see in the last pic were waiting for dinner. And I'm not being punny. The guide made the dinner whistle to draw them out so we could see them. Watching them waddle about was amusing but what made me love them even more? When they decided they had walked far enough they just melted to the ground.

I'm not sure I've ever mentioned this but I can't eat with chopsticks. That changed this week. On Wednesday I tried and resigned myself to being an "American". I tried again with Thai on Sunday night and was able to manage - with my left hand no less {I'm right handed}.

And then of course there's the pretty landscapes...

This was taken at Glistening Waters. We went for the evening swimming excursion. You can't tell from this picture but at night, when the water is disturbed, it glows. The entire bay in this area is bio-luminescent, which was really cool to see in person. I didn't get in but I did splash around. It was too dark to get any quality shots but this is from when we were heading back to shore. 

I have 3 shots of this sunset. Fortunately one has no people in it and it's my favorite. It even replaced the Cancun sunrise on my phone.

If you ask me, this vacation was highly productive and educational, and I had a great time. Now... on to the next one!


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful vacation! I definitely want to make it to Jamaica someday!

  2. What an awesome trip! Congrats on getting certified!

  3. It sounds like you had an AMAZING vacation! I love that you do things just to say you've done them. If that's what makes you feel happy and accomplished then right on! We went to Jamaica in 2014 and had a WONDERFUL time. We really loved it and would totally go back in a heartbeat!

  4. Ah, so happy you got to see a bioluminescent bay! I used to go to one in PR before they stopped letting people get in the water. I tried to scuba dive, but freaked out in the pool session when they were teaching me to clear my mask lol. I forgot to breathe out and water rushed up my nose and I felt like I was drowning even though I was literally standing. You accomplished a lot and it looks like an awesome trip! Where you headed next?

  5. Thanks for writing a trip recap that wasn't a minute-by-minute discussion of everything you ate, touched, and looked at. Looks like an awesome trip! Glad you got to go back and spend a fun week with the fam. Where's the next one?

  6. Such a big nope on the crocodiles! Too close! The snake is cool though, I don't have a snake issue. Looks like fun!