June 01, 2017


Has it really been a full month since the last link up? Is it really June first? Has it seriously been rainy and overcast for the past two weeks????

I'm telling you, I have no idea where time goes anymore. In any event, here's what's been going on:

What's New With You

Listening to: my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify. There was a time it was 1000% on point... and then it went to the other extreme. It's had some decent stuff on it lately so I'm giving it another chance. 

Planning for: early retirement? Ugh, I wish. Actually, I want to take a weekend trip to Baltimore/DC this summer so probably in July. And I want to road trip around the southwest for a long weekend this summer as well. 

Watching: The Keepers. My heart breaks for these women. And honestly, I'm saying this because it's my blog and fuck yes to the 1st Amendment: the Catholic church disgusts me. 

Reading: Blogs. I figured it was finally time to play catch-up. I need to pick up an actual book though. I don't know where my reading mojo went but I've seriously been burned out for months now. 

Creating: a life of less. I'm still purging and not just things. Accounts, people, hobbies.... it's all on the chopping block.

Saving for: the Bahamas. When I was in Jamaica I applied for the Sandals card {not sorry}, was approved, and then put a deposit down for a week in the Bahamas next May. I can push it back {and will} but it's still costly. 

Buying: I'm *trying* not to buy anything! I need to get rid of some of these credit cards and then I can sit pretty. I did pay off my gas card a few months ago and haven't used it since. 

Eating: I finished my carb challenge and decided to stay on a modified paleo diet for the long haul. Lately I've had too many traditional carbs in my life so I'm buckling down and eating as many fish, fruits, and veggies as I can. 

Wearing: all the warm clothing! We had a freak heat wave two weeks ago and now it's fucking cold and rainy. I can't even get into it because it just annoys me. 

Going: I'm still freshly back from Jamaica but next weekend I'm off to the Poconos for the weekend. I've decided that's how the summer will go - lots of mini weekend trips when and where I can. 

Saying: It was brought to my attention that I say "apparently" a lot. Like, more than necessary. Now that I'm aware of it I'm trying to stop. I'm not sure how it happened but apparently it's become a problem. {see what I did there?}

Coveting: this dress. I tried it on while I was at the mall with mom over the holiday weekend and it fit perfectly. It's marked down to $390 from $650 {which is a good deal} but even then, I have nowhere to wear it and it would end up being worn to the laundromat and grocery store. Not that I have a problem with that. 

And that wraps up what's new with me! 


  1. modified paleo is awesome; been doing that for years now and i don't regret it!

  2. That's a super pretty dress! I'm giggling that you ended up with a Sandals cards :) Hey girl, priorities are important! No shame there! We're currently balancing the act of paying off credit cards but also still traveling and enjoying ourselves... ha.
    I've never heard of The Keepers but now I'm curious.

  3. That dress is soooo pretty! I have been watching The Keepers as well. I basically sit in front of the TV and fume the entire time. It's so interesting but also makes me really upset so I've been having to watch in small doses!

  4. Totally appropriate grocery store dress if you ask me!
    Love the 'life of less', amen girl!

  5. That dress is gorgeous! I wish I had places to wear fancy dresses to sometimes just so I could buy them & wear them. We should just start the trend of wearing fancy clothes to run errands.

  6. I love Lil Miss's face in that last picture haha. I'm with you on mini/weekend trips this summer too. No vacations for the foreseeable future :/ I've been hearing about The Keepers, but it sounds a bit like 13 Reasons Why (which I wasn't into) so not sure I should give it a try.

  7. DO NOT EVEN get me started on this weather. I am so angry, which is stupid because there's no one to be angry at, but angry is how I feel every day I wake up to a gray sky and the need to wear pants and long sleeves. COME ON ALREADY THIS IS INSANE.
    Agree re: the church, though I have heard amazing things about The Keepers so I will probably watch it when I'm done with my current binge.