June 22, 2017

Three on Thursday

Can I be frank with all of you? How do we on;y have one full week of June left? How. How is this even happening? I have no concept of time anymore and I feel like this year in particular is speeding by. 

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, today's Three on Thursday is going to be more of a here's-three-things-that-are-presently-taking-place-because-I've-got-nothing. Yup. 

1| Basics

In the interest of brevity, and because I'm going to turn this into a different post, let's just say that I feel like my life is completely out of control and that it's all just "going through the motions" lately. 

2| Little Miss gave me conjunctivitis a/k/a pink eye

This is awesome. Said no one ever. Last Monday my eye felt bothered and was kind of watery. I just figured my mascara had flaked and ended up in my eye. When I woke up the next day and it was visibly pink I knew something was up. Little Miss had been on medication for hers two days before I saw her so I figured I would be fine since she was no longer contagious. Long story short... my mom never washed her blankie and I was around it all weekend. "Pink eye" sounds much worse than it is. It just means the inside of your eyelid is irritated. I'm now on my own drops. 32 and I'm being brought down by a 5 year old....

3| The Dress

Remember the dress I posted about a few weeks ago? The one that was $400 and fit perfectly? Yeah... I bought it. I kept telling myself that if it was marked down again I could by it. After being reminded about it on Monday I called Neiman's and asked if they still had it. At first she said no. And I was fine with that. Then she came back all excited and said she found it mixed in with another size. So i purchased it over the phone right then and there. It was marked down almost another $100 and I ultimately paid less than $300 for a $650 dress. #allthewins


  1. when you have kids, pink eye is common. Polysporin now makes eyedrops for Pink eye.

  2. Yay! I love the dress on you, so glad you got it!

  3. That dress is seriously stunning. What a steal!
    Oof, I've never had pink eye surprisingly. I'm not around kids much, though. Hope it heals up quick!

  4. You look so gorgeous in that dress! I'm glad that you got it!

  5. That dress is gorgeous!! xo