June 29, 2017

Three on Thursday

Hi friends!

You've probably seen this picture circulating around the interwebs. I know I first saw it on Twitter and felt all the feels. Pictures like this just make me happy. 

Corporate "wedding"
By now I'm sure you've heard that online giant Amazon is buying organic giant Whole Foods. Personally, I couldn't be more excited. I may be wearing rose-colored glasses in the hopes that I can order from Whole Foods and have it delivered to my door a la Amazon Fresh, but I'm not giving up hope. Two of my favorite companies have merged and this girl is celebrating.

Rip van Wafels
I've only ever seen these delicious treats in Starbucks but it matters not. They are one of my absolute favorite little snacks. I've only had the honey & oats flavor but I'm hooked. They have less than 8g or less of sugar, 130 calories, no trans fat, GMO, preservatives and all that other bad for you nonsense.


  1. Gosh that photo gave me all the feels. love is lovely!!

  2. I haven't seen those rip van wafels, I want!

  3. I actually hadn't seen that picture, so thanks for sharing! They have those Rip Van Wafels at our Shoprite. I bought them as a garnish for a bourbon cocktail on Halloween lol. I agree- they're delicious!