June 14, 2017

When Life Gets Real

Way back when Stephanie posted about what her real life looked like. The idea inspired me. We spend so much time crafting the "perfect" image that we want people to see that we tend to forget about the reality in which we're all living. You know, the one we as humans actually relate to others with.

Real life is.... 

+ letting the dishes pile up until 30 minutes before someone is on their way over.

+ not taking the garbage out because you don't feel like carrying it down the stairs.

+ ordering laundry service pickup and delivery because you can't bear the idea of hauling it all to the laundromat and then sitting there for the next two-and-a-half hours.

+ eating out all the time because you don't feel like going to the grocery store.

+ selling your planners because you're starting to get bored.

+ buying new underwear because you were running low and didn't want to do the aforementioned laundry.

+ dealing with frustrating clients and working OT because bills don't ever seem to go down.

+ cancelling HH plans with coworkers because you'd rather see the guy you're dating

+ ignoring your group chat because you're just "over" all the conversation

+ taking a mental health afternoon even though you told yourself no more days until July

+ buying the dress because you know it looked amazing

+ forgetting to put sunblock on your niece and then feeling like the world's worst aunt when she turns bright red

I'm telling you, life has been real around here lately!


  1. LOL at the underwear, I used to do that (for all clothes) in college and my mom banned me from Target. I'm better about it now... I have 2 days of underwear past how long it usually takes me to do laundry. Just in case.
    Selling your planners! I can't believe it.

  2. I usually let the dishes pile up because I feel wasteful running the dishwasher half empty. I'm being mindful of the environment... or something. I used to buy underwear and socks for when I couldn't get to the laundromat too. And I maybe went to the grocery store twice between Jan-May. SELLING you planners?! Who are you?!

  3. a-men - especially to the weeks i don't want to food shop so i order out/pick up something every weeknight. WOOPS. i'm only human!

  4. Oh no to sunburn! I've been super paranoid about burning the baby and we've avoided it thus far, but I know it's inevitable. He's as pasty as his parents, so... And sunscreen sucks. We used to used all sorts of ridiculous tactics to get out of putting it on. "Mom, we'll just cover ourselves in sand so we won't get burned!" Lol!

    The dress was amazing and I still support you. My sister uses laundry service! My underwear situation is the opposite - desperately needing more because it's all old and holey and grody but not wanting to have to shop for it because undergarments never fit right.