July 03, 2017

June in Numbers

While playing blog catch up forever ago I read Miranda's post about how her month went and really liked the style of the post. So I stole borrowed it. 

17 - The number of new beers I tried

0 - The number of pounds I lost

1 - The number of times I went to the gym

4 - The number of happy hours I attended

7 - The amount of blog posts published 

9 - The number of times I caved and took Uber/Lyft    FML....

6495 {or something close to that} - The number of snuggles I gave my cats

1 - The number of times I bought stickers

2 - Number of times I lost my temper

8 - The number of boards I deleted from Pinterest

25 - The number of accounts I unfollowed on Pinterest  {honestly, I'm so tired of the stuff that pops up on my Pinterest feed when I even log on that I'm strongly considering deleting my account entirely}

And that sums up June!


  1. 17 new types of beer? I mean thats gotta be a record. love it! Your cats are cute so I dont blame you for the snuggles. I only hit the gym once too last month - bleh. Have a great holiday tomorrow.

  2. I'm so sad with the route that Pinterest has taken. It used to be so fun! But now you have to pick through it just like Facebook. You owned the cat snuggling this month! Ha ha.

  3. 17 new beers & 4 happy hours! Yes please! I'm annoyed with new Pinterest too. I rarely go on there anymore. If I do it's just to look at some recipes I have pinned & that's it. I don't scroll the feed & I very rarely pin new things.

  4. I'm pretty over Pinterest too. I used to find tons of new, awesome stuff there, and now half the time if I search I just get the same ad post over and over again, and the stuff recommended for me is pretty garbage. I do have one vision board I made that I like, but other than that I don't need it. Might be time to pull the plug.

  5. I was about to say "17 new beers?! That's crazy!" But then I checked my Untappd and counted... 33. I guess that's what attending 2 brew fests in one month will do! I honestly don't remember the last time I logged onto Pinterest other than to look for something on my own boards. I don't scroll the feed anymore because the majority of "suggestions" is crap, but I do add things to my boards that I want to remember/try/do/buy, mostly using the Pinterest extension on my Chrome.