July 26, 2017

Keeping up With Life

After I read Steph's post about how she keeps up with life I knew I needed to borrow this idea for two reasons. 1) it's post material; and more importantly 2) it forced me to not be a couch potato as soon as I got home from work most nights. 

I made sure to monitor an "average" week {read: no special events}. Here's a look at how I've been doing life lately.

When I say I'm walking to work from Penn, know that it's no a 2 block jaunt. Penn is on 33/34th and 8th. My office is on 53rd and Lex. It's a nice 30 minute walk.

I'm kind of sad that this was the last massage in my commitment but I am overjoyed to not have that monthly fee anymore.

I'm just going to say it - I hope Amtrak takes their sweet ass time resolving these issues at Penn Station. My morning commute has become an absolute breeze.

I can hardly believe it myself - I drafted blog posts.

The great thing about working overtime on Wednesdays is that I get a $40 lunch credit with Seamless. Basically, if I'm craving something super specific {Thai; Vietnamese; Greek...}, I order it then. And because I'm smart, I spread the $40 out to cover the entire day.

There were well over 100 vendors and I made a point to try ones I've never been to {skipping the cider ones}... which left me quite a few booths to stop at. I'd say I hit 90% of those.

As you can see my weeks are typically busy and boring all at the same time. What about you? What's the highlight of your average week? 


  1. Love seeing what people do with their days and Im loving the idea of a roadie. PS my huge takeaway from this postm and specifically from you feeding your cat twice a day, is that I likely grossly overfeed my kitten - no wonder shes a greed bi***. #hidesface

    Ive gotta do one od these. Ive seen then on both Stephs' blogs but I go on vacation next week so that wont happen for a while.

  2. Ah, you beat me to it. But let's be real I'm garbage at blogging right now anyway. Oh well. And mine would mostly be "work, extra work, sleep, work" right now.

    Don't leave us hanging, what's the great desk news?

  3. "Ridiculousness" is exactly what happened!Tuesday looks a lot like Monday? I was actually wondering if you were still doing the VA job. I wanna know the desk news too! I love this. I have a draft post from like 2 weeks ago but I never finished it and now I'm going to find this Scale you keep mentioning.

  4. LOL at the roadies and the liver Olympics. It's like reading about my own life. I assume your train station sells beers right before you get on as well?

  5. I really love the whole recap of a typical week!