July 13, 2017

Three on Thursday

Another week in the books. At this point I'm ready to deem 2017 'The Year That Didn't Exist" because it's going by so quickly. In any event, here are some things I'm sharing.

1| Instagram

I read this in an email I got from Social Fabric and I found it interesting enough to share with y'all. Because who doesn't love useless information?

Fun Fact: The top filters in the world are Clarendon, Juno, and Gingham. 
The Clarendon filter – Instagrammers’ top favorite filter intensifies shadows and brightens the highlights in your photos. It makes them beautifully saturated. This filter looks great with images where you want the colors to pop. It was originally a video-only filter.

2| DNA

Anyone who knows me IRL knows that I absolutely despise being asked, what is to me, one of the rudest questions possible - what are you?

First of all asshole, I'm a human being. Specifically, a 32-year old female human being. Anything more and we had better be some semblance of friends for you to inquire further. 

3| Netflix

I don't know about you but although I happily pay for this service every month, I'm usually disappointed by the options. Netflix has gone the way of TV and it feels impossible to watch movies, let alone ones that are remotely current.

In any event, here are the things I'm excited they're adding this month:

Free Willy
Madagascar 2
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
The Land Before Time I, II, and III
Police Academy

Do you notice a pattern?? 


  1. The Land Before Time?! I'm definitely going to be having a throwback movie night.

  2. Ha, I used the Clarendon filter for the first time last night. My go-to is usually Valencia. I only like the DNA q when I'm in a bar, because I bet a free drink that they can't guess it and they never do!

  3. I feel like I've gotten on a soapbox about this before, but the issue I have with Netflix is just that they show you the same damn titles in every category. Their algorithms suck. Best thing to do, in my opinion, is search for stuff specifically or do the "more like this" option on titles. Only way to ever get new stuff recommended.

    Clarendon is my top filter fo life. Gimme dem blue blues

  4. Omg 'what are you' I cannot believe someone has the balls to ask that. Rude.
    The way Netflix recommends stuff is crappy, I have to search for stuff myself. But basically I just keep checking if anything with Nic Cage has been added, or search by what's recommended as similar to Sharknado. #IHaveGreatTaste

  5. People ask the bf what he is all the time - hes white but super tanned. He says "a man" when they ask. lol

  6. oh gosh i can't believe people ask you 'what are you'! how rude! the most ridiculous comment i've had after telling someone i'm australian is 'but you look totally normal?' like wtf you dumb ass. i'm still a human. ugh. people are so stupid.

  7. Haha no lie, Clarendon is like the ONLY filter I EVER use.

  8. "what are you?" WTF? so incredibly rude.

    I just signed up for Netflix this month - totally late to the game, I know but I get Free TV from work and it was hard to cough up a few bucks a month for more TV LOL