August 04, 2017

Attempts for August

I've always been the girl that sets goals. Whether I reach them or not is another story, but I've always appreciated the art of making an intention and attempting to follow through with it. It's the effort that matters. Perfection isn't real anyway. 

Last month I set myself four simple goals. I wanted to start taking care of myself more {something we should all be doing anyway} and I felt these goals were a nice way to do that.

1| Working out
I didn't hit the gym every Saturday as I intended, but I did go 5 times. And that's five times more than I went in June. 

2| Read a book
I can't tell you how proud I was to have finished not one, but two books in July. I've slowly started reading again {because book burnout is real... and sad} and it's like coming home after a long trip.

3| Build the savings
Forever a work in progress. I know this was a 50/50 ordeal last month but come August 1 there was money in both of my savings accounts. #smallsteps

4| Create a bedtime routine
I started strongly with this and let it fall by the wayside, as I suspected I would. I'm going to keep at it though. I want to be the attractive 50 year old someday. Not the one who looks like she went through the wringer. 

For August, I'm sort of piggy-backing on the things I mentioned in my what's new with me post. 

1| Continue working out
This is really important to me right now. Working out and weight loss have always been a roller-coaster of a relationship with me, but right now, we're strapped in and ready to roll. I've come to realize it's harder to stay in {any} shape in my 30s and although I have accepted that I will most likely never have visible abs {a) I'm not willing to work as hard as necessary for them, and b) I honestly don't care}, I do care that I am healthy enough to go through life mostly problem/injury free. 

2| Keep quiet time
As I said before, journaling and meditation is a must-have thing for me. I know I won't do it every day, or even every other day sometimes, but what's important is that I stay mindful of it and that more often than not, it's happening daily. 

3| Pay/Save Mode
I took a hard look at my debts the other day and initially, they annoyed me. I reframed and decided that these debts are no longer serving me and it's time for them to go. I consolidated a few and am now in major pay/save mode. I want to get at least $600 into my savings by the end of the year.

4| Downsize practically
I mentioned how I'm sort of in a purge all the things mood. I'm not really sure where it's coming from but I feel surrounded by things I don't actually need. I want to go through all the nooks and crannies this month and be honest about what I use, need, and want in my space. If it's not bringing me joy or serving a true purpose (a basket that holds supplies, etc.) then I plan to donate or rehome it.

*      *      *

What about you - do you have any goals for the month?


  1. Looking back, I haven't made any real goals since March. And I just saw a draft for July goals (which will now be moved to August), one of which is (still) open a damn savings account. I need to reassess my finances again too. I've been pretty good about setting and following through with quiet time, which is usually just reading before bed. I'm with you on downsizing too, particularly selling/donating clothes (with the help of my new mannequin, obvi). Good luck on your August goals!

  2. Love these goals. RE journaling, one thing I do to make sure I do it every day is to make it as easy as possible. If I have nothing else to say or no time to write, I spend 60 seconds or less jotting down 3 things I'm grateful for. It keeps the action, the habit of opening my journal daily, alive -- which is key to continuing something.

    YAY downsizing. Let me know if I can help ;)

  3. ugh yes about bedtime routine. i was doing really well for a few months there and need to get back into it. like you, want to be an attractive 50 year old.. or at least not one that looks like an old leather handbag.
    book burnout is definitely real, and just as sad! yay for reading!
    once the kitchen reno is done i definitely want to purge some stuff. nothing like taking everything out of a room to realise you have too much in that room! lol

  4. Love these goals and the overall self care theme. So important to take care of yourself girl - Im trying to be better at that myself!