August 03, 2017

Has Anyone Seen July?

I came here Monday night thinking I needed to get something started for Wednesday's post. Then, as I was scrolling through images for something, I realized that I'd be able to participate in this link up! #win. 

If I'm being completely honest, I have no idea what's new with me. This entire summer year has felt like a whirlwind and I can't believe we're in August already. I also feel like I've been making that statement since March.

Since I have no idea when I last gave you a real life update, other than my keeping up with life post, I figure I'm just going to brain dump on you. #notsorry

July was jam-packed. Like, just keep doing all the things because if you stop you might die, kind of busy. There was the 4th, the wine festival, a trip to Baltimore, beach days, and general life to be lived. 

In the background it's been more internal. 

+ I've started meditating and regularly journaling again. 

This is something that's essential to my well being. I go through phases where I drift away but I always come back to it, and when I do, it's so fulfilling. 

+ I'm continuing to downsize my possessions - clothes, books, everything. 

I feel like I'm just in this mood where I'm simultaneously sick of all the stuff and yet I want new stuff. Does that even make sense? I'm downsizing where I can, finding alternatives, and trying not to buy everything on my wish lists. 

+ I consolidated a few credit cards and closed the accounts.

I'm determined to get them paid off so I can put all my money towards travel. Let's put it this way, if I paid off even half my credit cards, I'd be taking trips at least three times a year. 

+ I've got my butt back to the gym a few times. 

I've finally got my head back in the fitness game. Rather than taking on my typical all-or-nothing approach, I'm coming it at it slow and steady and it's been a much more natural progression. Unfortunately, I pulled muscles in my lower back last weekend so I've been riding the elderly train this week but it started feeling better Tuesday night so I'm planning on hitting the gym again Saturday. 

+ I started setting up my planner for 2018 and am completely in love with it. 

There's this mystical state of being in the planner world called "Planner Peace". Basically, it means you find the perfect planner for you, and it's decorated exactly the way you want and is.... peace. Since entering the Plannerverse last year I have tried/used 5 different planners. The one I'll be using for 2018 will make 6 but it is the perfect size, is entirely customizable, and I absolutely love the way it's turning out. I think Planner Peace is in my future. 

And that's pretty much what's been occupying my time lately. How about you - what have you been up to lately?


  1. I like the slow and steady approach to fitness. It's sustainable. Also, classes at the gym are a great way to be accountable, if that's something available to you.

    This is the time of year that I just kind of want to throw away my planner. I think it's because it carries over from last school year (started with an EC in January) and now I don't want to look at that anymore. ?? Teachers view a "year" differently!

  2. We are in such similar places: time is flying, I started back at the gym, I have found planner peace (for now) via my bullet journal, and I am tired of my stuff but I want new stuff. But I don't want to spend money on new stuff because that's never fun.

  3. Congrats on the credit cards! That's a huge step! I need to do something about mine & fast. I think I might literally freeze them for awhile so I just can't use them.

  4. Hell YASSSS to all this. Journaling is something I have trouble starting my day without. It makes such a huge difference. Also of course I'm loving the downsizing. I think I might write a post elaborating on what I blogged about yesterday. Good luck with the CCs - it's a crappy experience while you're doing it but SO FREEING once you're done... not to mention way cheaper the sooner you do it.

  5. oh my gosh yes! i totally get the 'i hate everything, want to get rid of everything, need all the new things' phase. i feel like i'm in it all the time. slow and steady definitely wins the race with working out, as cliche as it sounds! i am very all or nothing as well and it seriously makes me crash and burn more often than not. i can't believe it's august and i haven't purchased my 2018 planner yet! need to get on it lol

  6. I 100% support paying off credit cards and travelling. Come visit me in the Caribbean I promise its fun! :)