August 14, 2017

Things I'd like to say

Every once in a while I'm forced to hold my tongue. Not because I'm afraid of the repercussions of what I want to say, but because I try to be polite and not come off as a complete bitch. That being said sometimes, you just need to go off-the-cuff. 

Here are a few things that, if I'm being really real, you might hear me say.

+ STOP MAKING EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU! Contrary to your beliefs, it's not always about you.

+ Do you honestly complain about absolutely everything? Try being grateful for once.

+ No, I really don't want to hear a "funny" story because I doubt you'll "make me laugh".

+ Are you really this fucking stupid?

+ Yes, that outfit does make you look fat.

+ No, I don't want to hang out and yes my couch is more important than you.

+ Excuse me? Can I punch you in the face now?

But sometimes.....


  1. I ALWAYS tell people if an outfit makes them look fat. It's why my friends text me from the dressing room, I'm the only honest person.
    Complainers drive me nuts. I mean, everyone does it, but the people who never ever have anything good to say. How is that possible?? How does every moment of your day and everything you try and everyone you know suck? You need to reevaluate your life.

  2. People that complain about EVERYTHING drive me insane. Ha.

  3. haha the outfit one. If we ever meet, please tell me if my outfit makes me look fat. I actually love honesty and would rather not go out looking foolish.

    Hate people who complain. Its so exhausting to be around. Im an expert at tuning out though. Expert. I dont even hear words just blah blah blah.

  4. Preach! I was talking to a friend that works in the same district as me & he was saying how teachers were complaining within the first hour of the first day of staff development. How can people be that negative already?!