August 11, 2017

Things I've Stopped Caring About

A few weeks ago I decided to play catch up on my blog reading. I've been such a bad blogger lately - both reading and writing. 

This idea was stolen borrowed straight from Lindsay from Bourbon, Lipstick, and Stilettos and I thank her kindly for it!

Resting Bitch Face. I am done caring about whether my face looks angry, pissed off, upset, or generally anything other than as if the sun shines out of my ass. This is my face - take it or leave it. 

Planning. This may come as a huge shock to some because I love all things organization and stationary. What I mean to say is I'm done with the keeping up with the Jones' mentality that is pretty planning. I just want my planner to be functional. If it's also pretty on some days, so be it. Also, I think I've found "Planner Peace" and I'm not about to mess that up. 

Social Media. This probably isn't a real shock to anyone that knows me IRL because I'm not good about keeping my accounts "present". I post on IG and Snapchat probably once a day; Twitter a few times a week, but if I don't post my entire weekend or concert or other life happenings, trust me when I say it's not because I "forgot".

My weight. This doesn't mean I intend to "let myself go" or that I'm not actively trying to lose weight. What it means is that I don't care what the number on the scale says. Sure I'd like it to be 20 less than what it says now, and yes, I am taking the steps to make that happen, but overall, I do not care. If I'm comfortable, happy, and healthy and the number only goes down by 10, then so be it. Healthy isn't defined by a number.

Fashion. I'm not really sure how to put this into words but quite some time ago I stopped caring about fashion and trends. I almost never buy clothes for myself because I know what I like and what I will wear. Those off-the-shoulder shirts that have been so popular this season? Meh. I have no interest in whether I'm seen as "fashionable" or "stylish". I wear what I want!

What have you stopped caring about?


  1. Yes to ALL of the above! I just don't have time in the morning to read all, or sometimes any blogs, & then by the time I get home it's either time to go to bed or I don't care to read ALL of them. I started to do a big catch up on reading yesterday & got all the way back to weekend recap posts & just hit read all.

  2. i've stopped caring about a lot of things and it's so liberating to not GAF!! i've also found my planner peace; i just need to write my shizz down and i'll 'dress it up' if i want to or leave it...either way, i just need to plan things, that's it.

  3. I was never a pretty planner maker like you were; my organizing and agenda always just needed to be functional. That said, I do love looking at pretty bujos on Instagram now and then because we all just have our things that we like the look of.

    Fashion is something I've never really cared about. I have gotten rid of too many clothes I spent money on in the last 5-8 years that I just can't be bothered with trends anymore. I want to be comfortable and not look homeless and not throw money away... that's pretty much the extend of my Fs given about fashion. Life is just so much easier this was too 🙈

  4. Fashion is just nowhere on my radar, it never has been. I usually hate whatever is trendy!
    I don't have resting bitch face, which surprises me, because I FEEL bitchy on the inside. But apparently my face is smiley and friendly because people always talk to me and ALWAYS ask for directions. I guess I just look nice or something.

  5. Yeah I couldnt even pretend to care enough about fashion or more so trends. I like looking at cute clothes on people but im ultimately not interested enough to keep up with the Jones' on the latest trends. also I like what I like and no trend will change that.

    I have severe resting bitch face but I don't worry about it. So i've heard. lol

  6. oh girl yes on resting bitch face. like this is my face, get over it. i am also with you on pretty planning. i love planning and planners but nothing in my life will ever end up on pinterest or in line with the jones'. also yes with health. i don't think the number on the scale matters, i care about how i feel and how my clothes fit. if i feel like crap and my clothes don't fit AND the scale is high, well shit needs to change. if i feel good and my clothes fit, i don't even get on the scale. you will literally never catch me in an off the shoulder anything. i'm with you. i'm not trendy, or fashionable. find what works for you and stick with it forever, that's my motto lol

  7. I am actually envious of those with resting bitch face because I don't have one. I have a bitch face, but it's not my resting face. So people tend to find me very approachable, which depending on my mood, isn't always welcome. I admire those with pretty planners and gorgeous bullet journals but I'm too lazy to even attempt it or feel bad about my haphazard method because I still get things done. Mostly. :D Fashion, I'm a bit mixed on. I like some trendy things, provided they looks good on me. And I used to not be that way. If it was fashionable/trendy I bought it and then it hung in my closet because it looked awful on me. Such a waste.

  8. WHAT PEOPLE THINK. I care about what I think of me. To an extent, I care what the people I love and respect think of me. But anyone else? No. Don't give a shit.

    Also, I have massive RBF too and I can't help what my face does so I don't care about that very much, either. lol