September 05, 2017

Sh*t Little Miss Says

There's no denying that kids can say the funniest things at times and my niece is no exception. The things she says leave me cracking up most of the time. Here are some gems she dropped lately.

Runs into the kitchen: Grandma! The floor is lava!

Crying uncontrollably and my mom finally gets her to explain why
LM: I don't want to quit the earth!

Mom: You're not going to die. You're going to get old like grandma.

LM: eew

All grandmas have to wear bras because they have sagging boobs

When talking about clothes:
I need new underwear because my butt has gotten bigger and these ones don't fit anymore.

While trying to get her to pee in the ocean:
We should have gone pee in the bathroom because there's no waves in there.

You're such a good grandma, that's why I did this for you.

I put these on my elbows for you (as she points to her shoulders)

Starbucks is my favorite store

When asking if she wants coffee:
Let's get it at Starbucks

I'm doing tushy clinches.

I don't like Gymboree because it's too girly and boy-ee.

Maybe you should get the kid stuff that helps you go potty that way you don't need a gentle push" {she was in the bathroom when she said this and I about died laughing because this kid clearly remembers  e v e r y t h i n g  she hears}

Ordering at the restaurant and the server asks if she wants fries or broccoli: Broccoli. Because I'm a big fan of broccoli.


  1. Hahaha she's hilarious!!

  2. Oh god these are so good. Still loling forever over not wanting to quit the earth.