September 21, 2017

Three on Thursday

It's been a minute since I've done one of these posts, so here we are.

1| Hawk Fitness Apparel shirts

I stumbled on this brand while trolling through Insta one day and I'm in lust. I'm a smart ass 24/7 so these are amazing. This one is my favorite and I'm pretty sure I need to buy it right meow!

IT isn't entirely new to me as I've been using their eye cream for a few months now. When it ran out I knew I wanted to replace it with the same one. Instead I ended up buying the Confidence in an Eye Cream and love it even more. I also discovered their Superhero mascara and I'm pretty sure it's my new favorite.  And although the Brow Power Universal Brow Pencil won't replace my NYX one, it's a quality runner up. 

The thing that inspires me about this company is that the CEO, Jamie, started this company on QVC. Even better, they're cruelty free. 

3| Companion app

My friend told me about this app when we were at the bar the other night and although I don't feel the need for it in my day to day life, it's one that i actually hope I'll never need.

The app is an emergency app for if you feel unsafe or need to call the police. You put in your name, phone number, and up to 5 emergency contacts. You can use the app to alert your people that you feel nervous, at which point it will alert them and send them your location, or you can contact the police where you'll need to enter a 4-digit security code to prevent pocket dials. I think the app is awesome, especially if you're traveling. Bonus, it's free.

of course when I downloaded it and set it up, it alerted my mom and best friend to download the app to be added as my contacts. I immediately received texts from both of them asking me what it was and why.

Clearly neither of them cares if I get kidnapped. My mother then told me to "eat more cake. fat kids don't get kidnapped".

Thanks mom.


  1. My father would love for me to download that app, I should. I carry a pretty badass taser so I generally feel pretty good but better safe than sorry.
    Also LOL at the Team 0 Fucks Given, I love that one.

  2. Ok so that app is really awesome. I hope its available here (prob not).

    Those work out tops are freakin hilarious!

  3. lol at those tops! I always tell my friends "Koala Koala" because there's a youtube video with a koala in the rain & a little song with it about no fucks given.