September 07, 2017

What's New With Me: August

August was kind of a weird month. I had something going on every single weekend and I'm really not sure how I made it to September. Here's a look at what went down:

The first weekend of the month was comprised of happy hour with coworkers; bar hopping in the city with my cousins who were up from Georgia, and a delicious 30th birthday dinner for my best friend. 

The next weekend can only be described as a shit show. On Saturday I had my best friend's baby shower {the one who had the birthday the previous week}. That same day I went into work at midnight, worked a full 8 hours, and took a car home. I changed my clothes, packed a bag and hopped in MY car to go pick up Dani and Alyssa so we could head down the shore for the day. Thank God for sun, sand, and salt water. It always recharges me. And that little nugget in the middle? omg.

The following week I met a former coworker for dinner at Fogo de Chao because Restaurant Week in the city is a big deal. That Friday I took a Greyhound to my mom's. The next day I went to another best friend's baby shower {this one for triplets!} and finished out the afternoon finishing up my tattoo. That evening we drove my mom's car back down to my house.

On Sunday we hit the highway and headed down the shore for a mini-vacay. We always stay at the same place when we go to Seaside. It's right on the boardwalk and makes for a fun few days. This year, even though we were missing my dad, we still had fun. One of the absolute coolest parts was seeing several groups of stingrays go by. Of course I had to look it up, but a group of sting rays is called a fever. The pic isn't mine, but that's exactly what it looked like. At first I thought it was some weird algae floating on the water and then as they got closer I could see them better. 

I finished out the month finally making it to Smorgasburg. It's essentially food heaven. And because 3 days with sun and sand isn't enough, I went to the beach the following weekend as well.

Squid Yakisoba and Fried Anchovies

I don't know about you but I'm kind of glad September is here. I love fall almost s much as summer and I've been looking forward to the steadily cooler temps, cozy sweaters, and steaming cups of coffee and soup.


  1. What a fun and busy month you had! That food looks delicious. Hope September is a great month for you, too!

  2. OMG, dying to go to Smorgasburg -- there's the BK one and now the location in NYC - which did you go to? Perfect fall activity now that's it not hot as scrotum outside.

  3. Sounds like my August, I swear I had something going on every single weekend and it felt like even my weekdays were busy running around. I love love your tattoo!!

  4. long the tattoo so much. Truly wish I had the courage to do a sleeve. Danny has one and I love it!!