November 15, 2017

Dear Santa...

It's hard to believe we're halfway through November and yet here we are. 

Since my birthday and the holidays are coming up in a few short weeks I figured it was only fitting that I share this years wishlist. I have to say, it’s pretty sparse, even for my list making self. 

For several years now I’ve only ever asked for things I wanted or needed but didn’t want to purchase myself. That hasn’t changed but the new thing I’ve noticed is simply that I want less stuff overall.

Here’s a look at my “Charlie Brown” birthday/holiday wish list.

Untitled #56

1| KitchenAid -Speed Hand Blender: I've decided my kitchen needs one of these so I can whip up soup easily, or so I can de-chunk my favorite salsas {I hate chunky salsa!} 

2| Bed in a Bag: This doesn't need to be exact as I'm just as happy with a new set of microfiber sheets.  

3| Looney Tunes Golden Collection: This has been on my wish list for several months, if not a couple years. I grew up watching this show so it's 100% a nostalgia gift, but I want it nonetheless for those snowy days when i'm not leaving the couch.

4| Mia 2 Skin Clearing System: I've had my eye on this for some time but the price tag, and my general bad habits when it comes to makeup removal, have prevented me from making the leap. I've gotten much better about my routine and I think I'm finally ready for a big girl toy!

5| Ziploc vacuum storage bags: I don't necessarily need these but they would certainly free up half my linen shelf space and that would make me pretty happy. Not to mention I could use them for seasonal clothes and get rid of my storage bins! 

If this wishlist doesn't scream adulting - I don't know what does!

What's on your  holiday wishlist; is there something I should add?


  1. I really need a hand blender and should put that on my list as well. But ... I know Im strange, I dont like Birthday or Christmas gifts for the home (gifts from family I mean). I like personal gifts - I know I know sounds ridiculous.

  2. mia 2 I got it for Christmas last year or the year I don’t remember exactly, anyway I LOVE IT! I won’t lie though I don’t use it everyday but I definitely see a difference in my skin!

  3. oh yes i definitely want one of those hand blendy things to make soup. i also want a clarisonic - i was never interested before, but my skin has been absolutely awful these past few months and i'm at my wits end. i'm hoping to grab a sale around black friday/cyber monday. we'll see!

  4. I think I could really use those storage bags too! And I love that you have a nostalgic gift item on your list. I like getting things that remind me of my childhood, etc.


  5. My list is going to be all-adulting as well...what a weird age the early 30s are...
    I have a Mia and I like it but I go back and forth between using it religiously and not using it at all.

  6. New bedding is on my list too. I really need/want new bedding. At this point it is getting closer to the need haha. I've had it for going on 5.5 years now & dog boy has been sleeping on it for the past few months.