November 10, 2017


I'm surprised I remember how to even find this space. I got a message from an IRL friend basically scolding me for not having posted since the end of September. I didn't realize it had been that long. Confession: I also didn't mind.

Since I haven't showed my face around here for several weeks I figured it was best to just play catch up. Here's what I've been up to.

Watching: 50 movies in 67 days. In other words, I was the first person to finish Jenn's Fall Film Challenge. I have to say, it feels awesome! I finished binging on Stranger Things and now I'm trying to finish some other shows I've been procrastinating on. I've also started watching the news again in the morning. 

Reading: I'm working on getting through The Night of the Moths by Ricardo Bruni. It was my November Kindle First pick. It's short, but moving quickly, and I like it. 

Eating: I'm trying to do a modified low/no carb thing again. Mainly because it makes me feel better when I eat less carbs. This time was more difficult so I amended it to just being conscious of my bread/pasta intake (aiming for once per day if at all). 

Playing: Jeopardy! I don't care if it makes me sound like a 65 year old, Jeopardy is the shit and I'm actually pretty good at it. 

Buying: I'm trying not to buy anything right now since Black Friday is coming. Buut... my new couch gets delivered tomorrow and I am beyond excited!

Going: My coworker is hosting a Friendsgiving tomorrow night so I'm heading into the city for that. I have no idea what to bring so if you have any suggestions, I'm open to them!

Creating: My planning bug took a bit of a backseat lately but I've been trying to use up my stock and I've drastically cut back on what and how much I buy. Truth be told, I'm tired of dumping money into stickers. I have bigger creative goals I want to accomplish.

Purging: Last month I did a complete sweep of my social media accounts. I deleted more than 46 "friends" and unfollowed or deleted several groups from Facebook. I deleted more than 50 accounts from Twitter and more than 158 from Instagram. I went through my closet, tried things on, and was brutally honest. Am I keeping this because I love it or because "it will fit when I lose weight"? I also went through books, and other things.

Wearing: This is going to sound ridiculous, but I've rediscovered Levi's jeans and I'm in love. If they're on sale, I'm buying them.

That's a glimpse of what I've been up to in the past few weeks. How about you? What's going on?


  1. Do you like pumpkin? If so, I'd say bring pumpkin pie or mini Oreo pumpkin cheesecakes- both super easy. I'm in the market for a couch- where did you buy it from?

  2. I purged some social media accounts too - mainly twitter. The noise was too much. Glad to see you on my feed girlie! Also, I like jeopardy too.