January 25, 2018

I Can't Go on Without You

I was reading some blogs a while back and I was inspired to write abut the things I can't live without. Since it's been a  while since I've done a post where I've recommended some of my favorite things, I'm knocking out two birds. 

Here are three things {plus one} I can't go without:

At $42 a pop I kind of roll my own eyes at this. Thing is, it goes on like silk, matches my complexion perfectly, and it looks like I'm not wearing anything at all. As far as I'm concerned, $46 for flawless looking makeup is worth it! Not to mention, a bottle lasts me several months since I don't wear makeup every day. I've had this one since... the beginning of October and should be running out sometime in February.

2| LaCroix Sparkling Water
I started drinking these earlier this year and I'm not kidding when I say it's all I drink now. I've had almost all the flavors, Pampelmousse and Lime being my faves, and I don't see myself stopping any time soon. 

3| Apple synchronicity 
I used to hop back and forth between Apple and Samsung and the last time I went ti iPhone I swore that was the last time. Then, this summer, I got the Apple Watch and I loved it. All the goodness of my FitBit but I can take/make calls and messages. Then I bought myself a MacBook for my birthday and my world blew wide open. I knew it was an option but being able to text from the laptop is L I F E! 

I was gifted one of these for my birthday and I absolutely love it. Sure, I can get up and turn my lights on/off but the point is, I don't have to. For me, this is wonderful. The lamp in my living room is scheduled to turn on shortly before I get home from work. It's also scheduled to turn off at a time I should most likely be in bed. It's a nice visual reminder.


  1. I LOVE LaCroix water! I almost always have it in my fridge.

  2. I got an Apple watch for Christmas and I'm slowly learning all its functions. Lol. I've had an iPhone for years and I had a fitbit, but I'm not much of an exercise junkie so those features have never struck my fancy. Well, we're about to get a treadmill and some home gym items so I'm excited to track everything with my watch!
    My husband wants the smart home outlets and stuff so he can control everything with his phone. Lol

  3. I'd definitely say it's worth the money if you find something that matches you perfectly! I never thought about scheduling the light to go off when it was time for bed. That's a great idea! And being able to set timers in general is way better than my method of just leaving my lamp on 24/7 when I'm away. Adding to cart!