January 29, 2018

Planner Peace and How I Found It

In the planning world we often comment about trying to find "planner peace". Essentially it's when you have a planner that works perfectly for you; it's set up and decorated just the way you want, and everything is flowing nicely. Truth is, a lot of us don't find it and flit from one planning style to another. This was me. Today I'm sharing how I finally found "planner peace" and what it looks like for me.

After using both coil and ring bound planners I finally conceded and purchased an A6 Travelers Notebook. I could see the potential for greatness but knew the size wasn't right. Enter the B6. Bigger than the A6 but smaller than an A5, it was perfect. 

As a true planner girl I don't have just one. Both are from Chic Sparrow and I absolutely love them. On the left is a Pemberley Honey, on the right is an Outlander Time Traveler. It's a deep navy and it's beautiful!

There are certain things I like to have in any type of planner, the most important being space. I need to be able to write what I want without having to abbreviate everything and cramp it together. I used to use horizontal inserts in my rings but have since found that I really enjoy vertical planning.

I used to have a monthly and a weekly notebook in my setup but have realized that I use that view on my phone and not so much in pen-to-paper. Currently my set up includes weekly, lists, finances, gratitude, and fitness. I apologize for the color of the photos, the lighting at work is garbage.

  • I use my weekly to keep track of anything taking place during a given week. 
  • The lists notebook is for any plans, goals, to-do lists, etc. I need or want to make. 
  • The finances notebook is to keep track of the credit cards I'm working to pay off and gives me a hands on look at what I'm paying and to where. I like having this at my finger tips, especially as I'm paying down my debts but once I finish this notebook {year end} I won't replace it. 
  • I'm a huge proponent of gratitude so I use this book as a place to jot down quick reminders of things I was/am grateful for, no matter how small they may be.  
  • I use the fitness journal to keep track of my activity, water intake, and fitness goals. I like to see my progress but it's either all or nothing - I track it all or I don't touch it for days. This is a waste for me so once this is finished, I won't replace it. 

Combined, these notebooks give me everything I need to feel and stay organized. The thing I enjoy most about the TN style is that you can easily swap out or add notebooks as you choose. As I mentioned, I will most likely remove the finance and fitness notebooks as I finish them. it's possible that in the future I may move away from paper planning altogether since I'm mastered my digital calendar, but for now, this is how things look and I'm pleased with it.


  1. I agree about trying to fit into other planning styles & not being able to find peace. Your planner is super cute & I really wish, & have tried to, be that kind of planner. I want a pretty decorated planner. In reality I don't have the patience or commitment to do it. I gave up on my bullet journal within a week or 2. I'm glad that you have found your planner peace, & I'm jealous that it's a cute peace! LOL

  2. I love seeing inside people's planners, it makes me so happy to see all the organization. It's so pretty! The TN always look phenomenal, but I just don't like my handwriting and have no ability to be creative, so mine would just be blah. Not as nice as yours.

  3. As you know I have recently switched to the TN and LOVE IT, I need to do a post about my planning style and go into everything! I’ve recently fallen down the Etsy sticker rabbit hole. Lord help me