January 09, 2018

Thoughts on Things

Is everyone over winter yet? I kid. Although it's been single and negative digits here in the northeast I'm still a happy girl. Taking a "Christmas break" was the most genius thing I've done in months and I'm still swirling in the afterglow. 

Today, I'm sharing some tidbits that have been floating around for me lately. 

| Fire and Fury a/k/a The Trump Book
I really want to read this. I'm not 100% sure it's because I have any true interest or because it's a hot button right now. I don't think it's going to reveal anything we're not already hearing - I mean, have you watched  the news lately? - but I will fully admit that my curiosity is piqued. 

| One Little Word workshop
I talked about choosing my word commit this last week. At the time I wrote that I wasn't fully committed to my word{pun not intended, just true} but since then I've realized that the word is beyond perfect and just what I needed. 

| Netflix January Releases
If you're a Netflix junkie then you've probably already seen the list of everything coming to Netflix in January. There are lots of franchises to choose from {Lethal Weapon, Bring It On, Batman, The Godfather} and some others I'll be making a point to watch. The one movie I want to watch but I'm not sure I can pony up: The Lovely Bones. I read this book a few years back and although sad, loved it. I don't know if I can see the movie though. 

| Broken Images
In an effort to clean up my blog, I started scrolling through all posts to minimize the amount of tags I have. I know it's meaningless but it truly annoys me having 20+ tags. I want 10 tops and ONLY 10. Anyway, while downsizing I started noticing that a lot of my old posts - and I mean a LOT - were missing all the images. Naturally I have no idea what the image was since the bulk of the posts are pre-2015. Although they're buried and most certainly are never even read, it bugs me and I've taken to deleting anything that isn't deemed substantial {ie: confessions, lists, fluff}. It's going to be time consuming {like, all year probably} but I know I'll feel better when it's done.

I feel a big change coming. I'm not sure what it is or what it means, but I feel it and I'm excited by it. I've always enjoyed and respected change. I find it to be necessary even when I don't know what it is or what the outcome will be.

What's been on your mind lately? 


  1. I really need/want to go through my old posts & do the same. A LOT of my old posts have broken images that I have no idea what they were, or where they'd be. I always think about deleting them but then get overwhelmed.

  2. I have had a copy of The Lovely Bones since high school, but have never been brave enough to read it. Not sure if I could watch the movie either. Enjoy Netflix & stay warm!

  3. I read The Lovely Bones in high school and, while it was good, I seriously spend time wishing I hadn't because it's just disturbing. The movie was good too but a little different.
    Fun fact: Ryan Gosling was supposed to play the dad and he was ready to commit to getting a dad bod and really looking like a dad of teenagers and the director was like "No, you're Ryan Gosling. We want Ryan Gosling.", so he dropped the project.