January 17, 2018

Year in Preview

Recently I posted about committing to 2018 and not over-goaling myself. After reading Alyssa's post, In Defense of Resolutions, I took some inspired action and got to work on deciding how I wanted the next 12 months to look. 

Photo by Danka & Peter on Unsplash

I want to have a very focused and committed year. I'm going to let my Type A tendencies take the lead here because the only way these items will be accomplished is if I stay diligent and committed. 

To quote Alyssa {emphasis added}, because she put it so perfectly,
You know what goals are. They're things you will achieve or accomplish; they're changes that will occur. They are things you will do or will not do. They are measurable. Goals are things that tell you what you'll need to work toward on a frequent basis. Goals often have benchmarks along the way or other indicators that help you measure progress. Goals generally don't happen overnight, but rather as the culmination of dedicated, focused work. Goals are things you have to actually give a shit about, because you will have to convince yourself that you should work toward them on days when you don't give a shit about anything. Resolutions historically sound like things you want to do more/less of. Here's how I see resolutions: Actions I want to choose. Not quite measurable, but that's OK. Not everything has to check a box. It's a habit, a routine, something I want to change.

I'm not going to get overly specific with my plans for 2018 as I know what they are and what steps I need to take to reach them. Instead, here is the umbrella topic of my top three goals.

  • Improve financial fitness
  • Improve health
  • Quality downtime
For me, improving financial fitness involves paying off a particular credit card {and half of another if  doable}, improving my credit score, lowering my D/I ratio, building/maintaining my savings, and being more conscientious about how I spend my money. 

Improving my health is something that I feel should always be on a goal/resolution list. I happened to see a commercial the other day that caught my ear. I think it was a retirement commercial {I could be totally wrong} and it was talking about how we are given one life. One set of lungs, one set of teeth, etc. If you want things to make it to 60..75...85... then they need to be cared for. That means continuing to schedule and attend personal training sessions and eating mindfully.  

Downtime is something I think I excel at. I'm great about taking vacations, enjoying my weekends {both doing something and nothing}, and taking "just because" days off. What I mean by quality downtime is that I want to blog more, read more, journal more, travel more.... be more. This also entails getting rid of things that no long serve me - things that have started to feel like an obligation instead of something that brings me joy or happiness. 

I'm really excited about these goals as they are not only goals but priorities and lifestyle changes. And seeing as how for the past year I have been complaint free, I'm more than happy to keep it going! 

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