February 14, 2018

Books Lately

I saw a reminder tweet from Steph yesterday about the book link up and figured I'd join in. After all, I've actually been reading!

I saw a reminder tweet from Steph yesterday about the book link up and figured I'd join in since I've been reading!

It's been so nice to actually get lost in a book again. I burned out bad at the end of 2016 and only read 14 books in all of 2017. That's a record low for me. I wanted to read, the desire was there, but it always felt like a chore and that's the last thing reading should be. It was sad for me and I was hoping this year would be a fresh start and I would be able to greet my old friend. 

So far, it's going well. 

Last Stop in Brooklyn | Lawrence H. levy

I was on Blogging For Books a few weeks ago and happened to see that Lawrence H. levy had a new Mary Handley book out. Of course I requested it and finished it immediately. I absolutely love this series and am now anxiously awaiting the fourth installment of the series. 

Last Stop in Brooklyn by Lawrence H. Levy

The Girl in the Italian Bakery | Kenneth Tingle

I dove deep into the Kindle archives for this one. I've had this on my digital shelf since.... maybe 2014? I finally decided to read it if not more so so that I could finally stop scrolling past it and feeling guilty. Also, there's that whole Committing to Less thing I have going on.... anyway. 

The book starts out a little slow in my opinion, but it is not devoid of action. Kenny and his brothers are constantly getting into mischief. As I continued reading part of me was disappointed in Kenny because I could see the potential in him. He just needed to get out of his own way. On the other hand, I found myself in his corner so to say, and was hoping life would give him a break. Overall, I enjoyed reading this. The book held my attention and I felt invested in Kenny and his life enough to need to finish the book. 

The Girl in the Italian Bakery

Not Perfect | Elizabeth LaBan

This was my January Amazon Firsts selection. I gave it three stars on Goodreads but I suppose it deserves 2 to 2.5. The book wasn't bad... the main character was just infuriating. It read quickly and effortlessly, a nice escape during my morning and evening commutes but it was a book I could have just as easily walked away from. There were parts where I was annoyed with Tabitha and her lack of... fortitude, but overall, I found her character to be likable and even though she got on my nerves occasionally, I could understand her motives and reasons for doing things. 

Not Perfect: A Novel

Currently reading: 

The Year of Less | Cait Flanders

How about you - what are you reading lately?

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  1. I have Not Perfect because it was free, but I've been sitting on it because I didn't really like the other LaBan novel I read. I used to read Cait's blog and have The Year of Less on my TBR. I read somewhere that this is more memoir though; interested to hear your thoughts on it!

  2. A lot of people seem to read Year of Less. I don't think I know Cait and her blog...but I hope you enjoy it.

    That's great you're having a good reading year so far! I hope that continues, and thanks for sharing all of these. :)


  3. I've been nose deep in Two by Two by Nicholas Sparks. Its been good so far!

  4. I always forget what my Amazon First pick was.

    I read Cait's blog sometimes but don't think I'll read the book. Enjoy!